Best of 2015

2015 was a strange year. From the infamous dress to ridiculous celebrity moments, and horrible tragedies, 2015 is going to be a year a lot of people will remember for various reasons. But with all things, I’m choosing to look at the positive and all the good things this year brought. I’ve definitely been all over the place with my likes but I guess I just want to enjoy it all instead of sticking to what I know. So here we go!




Since I heard them I knew they would be my favorites and so many others are starting to catch on to them. I’m actually writing a whole post about them, that’s how good they are. So do yourself a favor and go listen to “Made in Hollywood.”

Hillsong Young & Free

Okay, I’ve listened to them before but for some reason I just fell in love with them this year. I love that they’re making good Christian music that fun and upbeat. I’m excited for their new album in 2016!

Citizens & Saints

This is a bit random because I’ve never mentioned them before but I’ve heard them before and liked them and then I found out they were the ones who did my favorite version of “Nothing but the Blood.” I’m giving credit where credit is due.

Honorable Mentions: I would seriously keep going on this section so I had to stop myself. Here’s who I liked this year: Un Corazon, Hillsong United, Sleeping at Last, Walk the Moon, One Direction, Mosaic MSC, Mutemath, and I’m sure I’m missing so much more and I’ll remember when I hit publish.

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Trouble is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly

My favorite thing is having no preconceived thoughts about a book and just completely get blown away. That’s what Trouble is a Friend of Mine did. Yes, it’s another YA book but it was so fun and unexpected and the end was oddly satisfying and then not. Definitely check it out if you love fun mysteries.

This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales

A book about music is an automatic plus. This book just resonated with me because it shows how music can be an escape and music can make such a difference in someone’s life. Plus, it made me want to be a DJ.




Ah, the glorious hot mess that was Newsroom. I remember watching the first episode in a broadcast class but didn’t come back to watch until a few months later. It was fun to see how it used real current events to tell the news. Also, Jeff Daniels was pretty darn good in it.

Inside Out

WHO’S THE FRIEND WHO LIKES TO PLAY? Pixar has the knack of getting me right in the feels and Inside Out was no exception. It was so darn cute and Bing Bong was just the hero in all of it and we need to take him to the moon.

UPDATE: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Yes, so much yes.

* For some reason a lot of TV Shows (since I don’t really watch TV) or movies stood out to me. Hopefully, 2016 will be better.



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Kati Rose

I’m so glad I stumbled onto her blog. There’s not many music bloggers out there and she’s one of my favorites. Someone who likes One Direction and Arctic Monkeys? Yes. Go check out her blog and you will find music to fill your playlist for a while.


On my quest to find a blog that was spiritually fulfilling, I found Gema. she’s become a friend and has a great combination of spiritual posts with lifestyle. She has tons of helpful posts that you can enjoy!


Something I learned about myself is that I find looking at flowers therapeutic. This Instagram account is amazing! They make flowers and seriously they’re so beautiful and I can just look for days.



I learned that I can actually do something hard if I focus and I have more self-control than I thought I did.

I enjoyed all the new people I’ve met this year and how interesting to see that they’re so much more supportive than old friends.

I’ve definitely learned to seize the day and live life, instead of just waiting to see and talking about what ifs.


What has been some of your favorite things of this year? Is there a new TV you got hooked on or something that you learned that changed things for you? Let me know! The countdown for the new year is getting real! P.S. Have you seen my first recipe ever on my blog? Go check it out!

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