Beauty Essentials for Beginners

Beauty Essentials for Beginners

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I love makeup and recently rediscovered my love of it. I’m nowhere near a pro now, which is disheartening to me because I was worse before. Since I wanted to get serious about makeup I wanted to point out the essentials, I think you need. This lovely makeup journey is fun but getting into makeup seems really intimidating at first.

Watching Youtube videos I would often see girls using a bunch of products and I get so overwhelmed. I remember going to Sephora and buying a lot of products and then I never knew how to use. I wanted to ease the stress to all my fellow beginners so we don’t break the bank on items we don’t need. Here are the beauty essentials for beginners.


Face Care

For my dark circles, I use First Aid Beauty’s Eye Duty Triple Remedy (affiliate link) because it’s meant to depuff and color correct. It’s easy to use and it comes in two shades so you can actually use it out. I feel like a lot of people confuse it with concealer because of it, but it’s not! You can actually use it under your concealer so it helps.

I admit that I never took care of my face. Eventually, I started seeing the major dark bags under my eyes and dry patches, I knew I needed to start. A makeup artist gave me a tip that your makeup will look better when you take care of your base. So don’t look past this! The two products I swear by are from First Aid Beauty. I love the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (affiliate link) because I have dry patches and sensitive skin so it hydrates well and even uses it on no makeup days. 

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Everyone knows this is a must. I know BB cream works well, I used Rimmel’s Match Perfect (affiliate link), trust me I used this forever back in my “I don’t need makeup” phase, but don’t underestimate the power of a good foundation and powder. I got color matched a lot of times and have gone through 2 high-end foundations and I finally found the one, Re(marc)able by Marc Jacobs (affiliate link). You only need a bit and it settles so well. Also, don’t underestimate powder. It sets your concealer and makeup and if you’re worried about looking cakey, there are translucent options. The base is everything so take time to look and find your perfect shade and a foundation that works for you.

I used to think that foundation was the only thing your face needed to look smooth. Concealer does a lot when you know how to use it. With my dark circles, faint freckles, and uneven marks, I use a concealer a lot and is an essential part of a beauty routine. I use two concealers, NARS Creamy Concealer (affiliate link) and Maybelline Fit Me (affiliate link), which is actually a dupe for the NARS concealer if you want to save some bucks, although it’s less creamy compared to NARS. Concealer is more than just for under eyes. It’s essential because it can help to create a smoother canvas and not an item that should be overlooked.

Bronzer/ Blush

Since I’m just starting off, my makeup is incredibly simple. I feel like sometimes we want to start full in and get every Naked palette and bake our makeup in but we need to take baby steps. I don’t even know the first thing about contouring, let’s be real, but I love the whole feel. Contouring seems so hard to me so I got a helpful tip to just use a good bronzer and blush (bonus points for highlighter) to get a similar feel as a beginner. I love Too Faced Soleil Matte Bronzer (affiliate link) and Kat Von D’s two-tone blush because it’s an easy way to start off with instead of buying a bunch of contour palettes that seem intimidating.

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BONUS: Brushes

I personally always thought brushes were the last thing I needed for my collection because I always thought makeup was the most important. But brushes make such a difference. You don’t need to break the bank for them, Morphe sells amazing ones for cheap, but I think it’s important to at least invest in a foundation brush, you will notice the difference.


I seriously cleared out the makeup I had before that I obviously didn’t use and restarted with these basics as I continue to learn. I hope this helps you to know what you need to start with! It’s so tempting to want to get Urban Decay eyeshadows and whatever fancy item is out right now but I think it’s so important to have the basics taken care of first.

What are your beauty essentials for beginners?

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