Back to School Beauty Routine

Back to School Beauty Routine




I honestly can’t believe I’m staring another semester of grad school. School no matter what year you’re starting is always stressful. Soon the novelty of new books and planners wears off and you’re stuck with assignments and stress.

To combat the stress, I make sure to always have a set moment of me time. Having a beauty routine helps me stay focused and still feel refreshed and happy throughout the day. A big part of it is not only looking good but smelling good and thankfully Suave Body Wash is here to help. Here’s my back to school beauty routine that keep me sane while I make my way through piles of homework.

Back to School Beauty Routine

I take self-care very important so this routine is a must to keep me calm and happy. Taking a shower is the first thing I do. To keep myself refreshed and smelling good, I use Suave Body Wash in cocoa butter and shea. I took the Suave Body wash quiz and I got this one, which is perfect because I’m a fan of creamier washes. But I also love ocean breeze! They also have floral and fruity washes so make sure to take the quiz to see what you get!

Suave Body Washes are super affordable, which I love since student loans are no joke. I picked mine up at my local Walgreens and they had all the different scents, so you can choose one that fits you on any occasion.

Back to School Beauty Routine

After I’m done smelling good, next in my routine is my hair. I’ve been giving my hair a break from heat so I usually spray some beach spray to keep my waves intact and put a little but of oil to give it some shine and calm the frizz. But by not adding heat, I’ve seen such an improvement in my natural hair. 

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Since I spend a lot of time rocking a top knot in the library, I make sure not to look like a complete zombie by putting some simple makeup. I usually put on some BB cream or CC cream, just to even out my skin without being too heavy. I usually put on some mascara and use a bronzer/blush quad that makes it easy to add color to my face. It’s really simple because I don’t want to look crazy at the library. It’s all about balance.

I follow this routine because it helps me feel good and put together while still dealing with school.

Don’t forget to take the quiz and make sure to check out Suave Body Wash in a store near you. After you complete the quiz, you will get cash back from Ibotta! Let me know what scent you get and what’s your back to school routine!

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