August in Review | ’17

August in Review | ’17

Oh man, this month was a wild one for me. Looking back it is hard to believe that so many things happened in this month. All good things. Life has changed and I’m excited to see what’s to come. But as I wait and see what my next moves will be, here’s August in review.


– I’ve been really digging the no makeup makeup look. I mentioned this last month but I’ve been trying to wear less makeup but sadly my skin isn’t as clear to go free. I need to stock up on some items so let me know what’s the best products to achieve this look!

–  Y’all, I bought my first fall candle and I’m in love. Now I feel like I need to stock up and buy a whole bunch. Let me know where to get some affordable ones.


– I watched every Marvel movie in order and now I don’t know what to do with myself. Watching them in order (not release dates but according to the story timeline) made me understand so much. If you ever want to try it, it’s honestly fun! It will just take a couple of weeks because some of those movies are long!

– With that, I dived in to the world of Marvel TV shows and started watching The Defenders. Charlie Cox, who is Daredevil, is my new favorite actor. I am going to start watching Daredevil when I’m completely done with The Defenders, which is a great show by the way.


– This month I went back to my alma mater to participate in an alumni tradition welcoming new students. I only graduated a couple years ago but I feel like so much has changed! It was nice to reconnect with old friends and see where life is now. So crazy!

– I finished my first semester of grad school! I am so tired but fall semester starts soon so I’m still feeling overwhelmed. Send coffee.

Around the Web

– I love following people that write because I always need some inspiration so I followed Rafael Casal. This guy is wise and super creative in many ways.  I can’t believe I didn’t follow him sooner.

What’s new with you this month?