At the Moment | 9

At the Moment | 9

I don’t know about you but the countdown for Christmas just got real for me. And yes, I skip to Christmas, don’t judge. I feel like September went by fast and slow. I had a really busy month. Here’s a couple of thoughts I had this month!

Where is Fall

It’s been around 90-100 degrees in California. WHAT? Seriously, everyone is getting the chilly weather but we’re stuck in summer. I really want to wear cute cardigans and boots soon.

Music, Music, Music

So many great music has been released and will be released in October and I’m so excited! I have a couple reviews coming up so stay tuned. Let me know what you have listened to!

Disneyland News

I was going to skip this but there’s so much going on. Christmastime is going to be amazing with the return of the Christmas castle and a new World of Color. Plus, we are finally getting a Sprinkles at Downtown Disney! Cupcakes and Christmas is basically all it takes to make me happy.


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What’s new with you? Let me know below!

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