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BYE MAY. This month was okay honestly. Like not a month that will stand out this year. Pretty forgetful if you ask me. With that said, nothing too eventful happened. Don’t you hate those type of months? I’m looking forward to whatever June brings! Before that, here’s what went on this month.


Well, this month was when I was set to do a no buy month. It was hard and although I didn’t completely fail, I did accomplish some things. I did pay off more of my credit cards so it feels so good I should be on a solid track in a couple of months and it feels good. I did buy a new foundation so I failed in the makeup section, but all my other goals were good!

Pictures & YouTube

So I did a thing and got myself a new lens for my camera. I really want to get back and actually take good pictures. This also means I can get back on YouTube! Go subscribe it will mean a lot. Please share any ideas for future videos! I want to never have a slow week. I’m excited to get back on it!

Favorite Posts

Here on the blog, I wrote Am I Really Blogger? which was a fun post poking fun of the blogging culture. Holly wrote a post about practical ways to host the Holy Spirit which I think is very helpful. I’m a ridiculous hoarder of random things, so I loved Rose and Bliss’ post about “101 Things to Throw Away” because it gives you even the smallest things to toss.


It’s the moment you have all been waiting for! Want to win a Target gift card and a Rifle Paper Co. Notepad? Enter below! You have plenty of chances to win. Giveaway starts today and runs until June 17th. Only open for US residents. Good luck!

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$25 Target Giftcard


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Let me know what you guys have been up to!

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