At the Moment | 4

At the Moment | 4

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. — Ferris Bueller

Ferris was right. Can we talk about how we’re a;ready entering the 5th month of the year?! That was so fast. I feel like I need to start preparing for Christmas or something. It’s weird how as a kid months felt eternal and now they’re gone in a blink of an eye! This month wasn’t too eventful but let me talk about the few things that stood out!

Disney World

I’m finally heading to Disney World! Although I won’t be there until September, I’m counting down and planning what I’ll be doing there. I’m excited and overwhelmed, considering I get tired with 3 hours at Disneyland now, so I’m conquering a place that’s essentially a small city. Let me know what I have to do when I’m there!


Although I’m not a fan of the heat, I am excited for summer! Summer always feels so free and there’s a lot more activities happening, so I’m excited for what it will hold this year.


So, I did a thing to take care of myself and I got braces. It’s honestly so strange having them as an adult and you can tell people don’t know if they should ask me about them or ignore them. Hopefully this year (or less) breezes by!

Favorite Posts

Mikayla wrote an open letter to Christian Milennials and it’s really something to think about. Nina shared about questions you should ask during a blogging break, which I think is a nice perspective because breaks are also necessary for bloggers. Gema shared life lessons she learned now that she’s a year older and it’s something everyone can relate to.


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What’s been happening in your life? Any cool new things? Let me know!

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