At the Moment | 3

At the Moment | 3

Okay, how is this month already ending? March is my favorite month since it’s my birthday month so it hurts to see it go. I loved this month, it was chill and I just soaked it all in. It seems so cliche to say, but this year seems to be breezing by really fast, it’s crazy! Here’s this month’s At the Moment!


Okay, I finally gave in and checked out ColourPop and OMG. What have I been sleeping on them? Their products are cheap but are so amazing. I got the “Between the Sheets” blush, which is a more neutrally pinkish color, because I’ve been hating super vibrant pinks lately. Also I got 2 lippie stix in “Silk,” because I needed a dramatic deep red and “Brink,” because I wanted a simple more neutral lipstick for everyday use. I honestly can’t wait to order tons more things from them. Definitely check them out if you want quality on a budget.

Hillsong Young & Free

If you follow me on Twitter and read my review, you know that Y&F are my favorites. But seeing them live was the cherry on top. I’m having serious withdrawals and I cannot wait until they go on tour again. I got to meet them and they were so fun and I’ve been ridiculously playing the album on repeat and I just can’t get enough.


Okay, here’s something shocking. I just got Netflix! I honestly don’t know how I lived without it. There’s so much to watch! No lie, I had a Cheetah Girls marathon and it was fun. But I seriously don’t know how I watched things before. I’ve been playing it every time I get home and I’m watching anything and everything. So drop some suggestions below!


I’m sure y’all are so tired of hearing about my birthday but I can enjoy it as long as this month lasts. Truthfully, birthdays are weird now because I don’t really feel any older or different like when I was a teenager. Guess that’s just growing up.


Missed last month’s At the Moment? Check it out here! Also a lot of people ask where I got my ears from and I got them from FloofyArts!

What’s been happening in your life? Any cool new things? Let me know!

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  • It’s good to celebrate your birthday for as long as you can!! 🙂

  • Annie

    Omg those ears are soooo amazing! And March is my birthday month too so I’m also sad to see it go lol. But at least it looks like you got to go to Disney to celebrate! (I’m super jealous lol)

  • I love your Disney ears!! Happy birthday month and now I need to check out Colorpop!!