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Okay, how is this month already ending? March is my favorite month since it’s my birthday month so it hurts to see it go. I loved this month, it was chill and I just soaked it all in. It seems so cliche to say, but this year seems to be breezing by really fast, it’s crazy! Here’s this month’s At the Moment!


Okay, I finally gave in and checked out ColourPop and OMG. What have I been sleeping on them? Their products are cheap but are so amazing. I got the “Between the Sheets” blush, which is a more neutrally pinkish color because I’ve been hating super vibrant pinks lately. Also, I got 2 lippie stix in “Silk,” because I needed a dramatic deep red and “Brink,” because I wanted a simple more neutral lipstick for everyday use. I honestly can’t wait to order tons more things from them. Definitely check them out if you want quality on a budget.

Hillsong Young & Free

If you follow me on Twitter and read my review, you know that Y&F are my favorites. But seeing them live was the cherry on top. I’m having serious withdrawals and I cannot wait until they go on tour again. I got to meet them and they were so fun and I’ve been ridiculously playing the album on repeat and I just can’t get enough.


Okay, here’s something shocking. I just got Netflix! I honestly don’t know how I lived without it. There’s so much to watch! No lie, I had a Cheetah Girls marathon and it was fun. But I seriously don’t know how I watched things before. I’ve been playing it every time I get home and I’m watching anything and everything. So drop some suggestions below!

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I’m sure y’all are so tired of hearing about my birthday but I can enjoy it as long as this month lasts. Truthfully, birthdays are weird now because I don’t really feel any older or different like when I was a teenager. Guess that’s just growing up.


Missed last month’s At the Moment? Check it out here! Also, a lot of people ask where I got my ears from and I got them from FloofyArts!

What’s been happening in your life? Any cool new things? Let me know!

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