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February is such a weird month since it’s so short and awkward. It just happened so fast and maybe I was wishing it did since my birthday is in March and I’m ready to party. February wasn’t necessarily a bad month, I feel like it was really chill and a bit uneventful. Which is good sometimes, instead of being always fast paced. However, good things did happen and I’m starting to think about a lot of other new things, so let me share a couple!

Grease Live

Everyone either loved Grease Live or hated it and yes I loved it, judge me. Also, it did technically came out in the end of January but I’m counting it as February, oh well. It was supposed to be a combo of both the Broadway musical and the film, so I think it mixed well and caught the attention of younger kids who really didn’t care about Grease before. Also, I should point out that I’ve been a fan of Aaron Tveit since he was on Gossip Girl, judge me again. I thought the whole thing was fun and maybe because I’ve never seen the other live musicals on TV. I’ve been wathcing it on repeat because it became one of my comfort things to watch, if that makes sense.

Hair Changes

Last year I went from a weird auburn to platinum blonde to black to a caramel balayage, and so on. I feel like since I’m freaking out about life still (hello existential crisis) my hair is the only thing I have a grasp of. So far this year I’ve gone to the salon twice and I’m basically on track to get blonder. I realize that I get bored easily with my hair and I need drastic changes. My sister has had purple hair for a while and everyone always compliments her while I’m stuck on a basic color. But my hair is pretty damaged so I’m keeping it a regular color and I get it back to life.

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Finances and Stuff

So I must admit I suck at handling my finances. Now that I have to start paying my student loans off, my mentality switched and I feel like I have to actively care about what’s going where. I do use Mint and it’s fun seeing my expenses but I know that I get way too carried away with things and I need to focus on paying off my debts. I’m actually going to do the adult thing and using my tax return for bills. Woah. I’m still thinking whether or not to make a finance tracker series on here, but I know I would suck and feel awkward if I should y’all where my money goes to. A lot of it goes to Disney food.


Missed last month’s At the Moment? Check it out here! What’s been happening in your life? Any cool new things? Let me know!

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