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I’m all about new features on the blog so here’s one! Every month I’m going to recap what’s going on with life and what’s currently in my likes and I’m calling it, At The Moment. Basically, everything I’m currently up to or loving at the moment. Super simple right? So what did the first month of 2016 bring? Let me tell you!



One of my goals for this year was to get a new hobby. I always hand lettering was super cool, so I decided to go for it! Not going to lie, I thought it was going to come naturally and I would be making beautiful things, but it’s pretty hard! It’s teaching me a lot about patience and discipline, so there’s that. I made my own lettering Instagram, so go see my progress, or lack thereof. Hopefully by the end of the year I will be a pro. One can dream.

Existential Crisis

Yeah, I might sound like Danisnotonfire, but let’s just talk about this. I’m 2 months shy of my 23rd birthday (Woop, woop #GoldenTwentyFree, y’all) but I’m just fallen into the whole, “What is life?” routine. I’m going back and forth with the idea of grad school and analyzing what life is about. Also, I’ve been sick for most of this month so I just am overthinking everything. You’d be surprised how often I have an existential crisis. 

Once Upon a Time

I finally started watching Once Upon a Time! I must admit I started to watch it because they had a storyline about Peter Pan, but it caught my attention. Yes, sometimes it’s so ridiculous and why is everyone related? But it’s fun watching all the stories we know so well come to life and see how they could possibly be in real life. However, I’m almost caught up on all the seasons, so I need to find a new show soon!

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How has your month been? Is there anything new your started or something that became your favorite? Let me know!

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