Advice for Recent Grads

Advice for Recent Grads

I love celebrations. I’ve mentioned this before but I went to grad school just because I wanted to get my master’s hood. Yes, I don’t make the best decisions. But there’s always something fun about ending a long, hard season. Graduations are the best thing about ending school and it’s so fun to be together with all the people you spent so much time with. Here’s some advice for recent grads and how to make your transition great. Seeing long years come to an end is great but there’s so much that happens.


The last few weeks go so fast and there’s so much going on you really don’t know what to focus on. So plan a moment to just stop and think about all that has happened before the high wears off. It’s so easy to just jump from one thing to the next and enjoying it all. So give yourself a moment after graduation and in between all the celebrations after to just breathe and know this is the last time you’ll get to do all these things.

Everything is Going to Change By A Lot

Obviously, a chapter is closing. Things will change naturally. But it’s going to be bigger than you think. I feel like the summer fools you because everything seems like a vacation and people may still be in and out. It seems like another summer. But come fall, when people have started finding their new routine and nothing, goes back to how it was, it can be hard. Just expect it to happen because change always happens. So figure out the best way to transition.

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Keep It Down Low

This can always be a bigger discussion about social media, which I’ve talked a lot about before. It’s so easy to post every plan you have for after graduation to show people what you’re up to, but you don’t have to. Some people will travel and others will go to work. Plans may not always work out. I have friends who were set to travel that had to move back home and then had to explain what happened to people who now wondered. FOMO sucks but post-grad is confusing enough. Don’t look at other people and what they’re doing and feel like you have to share what’s going on with you.

Don’t Use Grad School as a Clutch

Something I’ve noticed is that more and more people are going to grad school years after undergrad. Just like me, I did it to buy me time as I figured out life. I will say that grad school gives you an extra 1-2 years of time where people aren’t asking you what you’re doing with your life. But unless your career absolutely requires you to have a master’s, don’t do it. Especially if you are taking out loans. Grad school may buy you some time in figuring life out but think of the bigger picture and what is needed.

Don’t Disconnect

Something that I realized with myself and other college friends is that it’s harder to keep relationships. There can be people that were your closest friends in college but after distance and work get in the way, you drift. But make sure to stay in contact with people. By sending a simple text every once in a while, it can keep a friendship healthy instead of just disconnecting and wondering how it went from a close friendship to no contact. Like I said, changes happen and people may move away, so be intentional with people you care about.

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If you’re graduating, congrats! If anyone else has any other tips, drop them down below!

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