Maybe it’s because I’m terribly missing it already but I wanted to look back at my college years and drop some nuggets of wisdom that I learned each year. Each year brings its own struggle and ushers us in to this new level of responsibility and adulthood. These are somethings I learned, so I hope they help you.

Freshman Year: It’s good to be young and free but don’t over do it

Ah, to be young and free. This is the appeal of college. No parents, living on your own. Life sounds great. However, you realize quickly that it’s not what it sounds to be. Roommates will drive you crazy if you haven’t pulled your weight and stocked up on toilet paper. No one pushes you to go to class. No one tells you to eat your vegetables (kind of okay though). But with all the freedom, you need to find a balance. Say “no” to going out with your friends if you have to study for an exam. Some people who didn’t have to study much in high school realize that it’s harder to do that in college. So be responsible. Have fun but keep school a priority.

Sophomore Year: Yes, grades matter and things change

By the end of your freshman year you will probably discover your study habits and you might think the grade from your basic intro class wouldn’t matter, but it does. Use sophomore year to get focused and decide what you want to do. An important thing to analyze is if you like your school or not. Transferring seems scary but it has its benefits because you can decide where you truly want to be. Remember that you’re paying money, so be where you feel like you will get your money’s worth.

Junior Year: It’s the hardest year

Okay, okay, I don’t mean to scare you, however everyone kept telling me this and it was true. This is the year you should focus on the future like figuring out grad school options, getting internships, taking harder classes and trying to be a full on adult. There’s a lot more pressure in every aspect and life gets a bit more hectic. Expect to become more conscious about your decisions, since your college career is dwindling down.

Senior Year: Don’t forget to slow down and enjoy it all

I should be telling you to start looking for a job and making sure all your grad school recommendations are in order. Those are great tips and you should do that, however, I’m going to tell you to stop and enjoy the moment. College is such a unique experience that a lot of people don’t get to experience, so enjoy it. I mean, you can be a hardworking professional, and at some point in the day you can go grab In-N-Out with your friends and hit the beach just because. We’re so close to never writing papers again but stop and remember that these are moments you’ll never experience again. So once in a while take a break and do something you can fondly look back on.


Every year of college brings its own struggle but at the same time, helps us learn more about ourselves and brings out who we really are when confronted with new experiences.

Are you starting out college or already ready to graduate? What is the best advice you’ve heard or what is something you learned on your own journey? Let me know!

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  • My biggest advice would be to enjoy college as much as you can! I miss it!

  • College is such a great time, but it can be pretty challenging. I actually think that freshman year can be the hardest– adjusting to a new environment and season can be tough on people! And I actually thought junior year was the BEST! There’s so much more you can do course-wise, but you’re not worrying about jobs or theses yet. I love love love your thoughts, friend!

  • Yes! I miss it too!

  • Yes, adjusting is really hard because everything is so different! I do agree with having more course options once you’re an upperclassman!