Adriana Renee is a place that features a collection of topics and things that began in late 2013.

Started at first just like a hobby, it evolved into something more. This is a place where you can read anything from an inspirational post to the newest music. It’s not just one thing because no one just likes one thing. It covers multiple topics so there will always be something that strikes your fancy.

Here you will find:

  • Beauty and style favorites
  • Travel hacks, tips, and dairies
  • Food recipes
  • Music and book reviews
  • Faith posts and devotionals
  • Let’s Talk: A series where people can send in questions about anything to talk about
  • And of course, tons of personal experiences and tidbits

Hi, I’m Adriana Renee

Just a twentysomething who has lived under the California sun her whole life while eating In-N-Out fries and shakes, even though she realizes she prefers Shake Shack. I love putting words in sentences. I have a bachelor’s in Communication and a master’s in Public Relations. So why not put them to use here? Thanks for stopping by.

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