5 Things Friday

So I’m going to try out something new like I tend to do every once in a while. I’m going to do 5 things Friday! This probably won’t happen every Friday but I’m aiming at maybe every couple of weeks? Let’s see, I shouldn’t make promises. So here are 5 things that have been going on.

Stranger Things

Everyone and their momma have been talking about this show so I gave it a go. IT’S SO GOOD. The story is interesting as heck and the cinematography is stunning. Plus, it has a killer soundtrack. If you’re a fan of 80’s suspense and sci-fi, give it a go. I can’t wait for the next season.

Elena of Avalor

I was a bit scared for this one but I actually enjoyed Elena of Avalor! I’m Hispanic so I enjoy that we have some representation, which I know some people don’t agree because she’s supposed to be a mixture of all these countries. But hey, at least we have her. Plus, so many little girls dress like her at Disneyland now and it’s so cute! I have so many thought that may turn into a full post, so let me know if that sounds interesting!


I’ve been consistently vlogging since April! This is honestly the longest I’ve gone constantly posting and interacting with Youtube so I’m glad that I’m seeing my effort pay off. I tried to do the Youtube thing about 2 years ago and failed, so I’m glad I could turn it around! Check out my channel here!

Hair Changes

I haven’t done anything with my hair since February. I thought I’d be letting it chill, get it’s strength back and let it grow. But now I want to dye it turquoise or teal. That’s seriously a big change and maybe I just want to do something different. But we’ll see what happens because I just need to do something.

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Paint the Night

So I LOVE Paint the Night. Disney officially announced that it would be ending on September 5th when the 60th anniversary ends and I’m so sad! I knew it was happening but actually hearing it was so crushing. Especially since it’s coming up so soon! I’m still holding out that it goes seasonal.


What’s something that was going on this week for you? Would you like to see more 5 things Friday? Let me know!

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