5 Things Friday

So I thoroughly enjoyed doing my last 5 Things Friday, so here’s another! I feel like I enjoy these because I can elaborate on my annoying tweets. So here we go!

Dole Whip

I did it friends, I had a dole whip! I did sort of cheat and had the float version, but I was so thirsty. I finally did it. Honestly, it was good but I don’t get the hype! It felt just like a regular treat. Would I get it again? Maybe if the line was short again.

One Tree Hill

I’ve been rewatching One Tree Hill and oh my gosh, this show is a hot mess. Lucas drives me insane, he’s the worst. Peyton deserved better in the end, in my opinion. Can we also talk about how insane the storylines were for what was supposed to be a small town? Regardless, I still love it.


So I have naturally thick brows and I’ve embraced them. But I finally went to a pro and got my brows shaped and my life changed. Yeah I may have flawless foundation for something, but crisp pretty brows are everything to me now.

Florida Weather

So like I’ve mentioned before, I’m heading to Disney World next month and I’ve hit the part where I started creating lists and packing. The one thing that is throwing me off is the weather! Right now it’s hot and there’s thunderstorms and I’m just trying to figure out what to expect. Help!


I’m definitely not alone on this but I am so excited for fall time! I’m already buying boots and I’m on the hunt for cozy sweaters. But really, this also means that Christmas is so close!

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What’s new with you this week?

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