5 Books that Should be Made into Movies

Left and right, we see that tons of films based on movies are being made and it’s entertaining to see two versions of one story. However, not all great books are making it to the big screen, so here are the top 5 that should be adapted.

1. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

This book was insane and the end left me saying “woah” that I had to go back and reread about three times. Seeing Candace’s world after the summer she can’t remember anything and all the plot twists will definitely provide a suspenseful couple hours. It will also just be visually cool to see the island and all the characters in real life, plus the intensity from that one scene that changes everything. Last I heard was that this film was in the works, so fingers crossed that it’s true.

2. Legend by Marie Lu

Yes, another dystopian, however, this one comes with a twist. First the main character June is a prodigy that comes from a wealthy family and has all the skills anyone could wish for and Day is a kid who has all the abilities as well, but grew up completely opposite from June. It’s set in Los Angeles and you don’t even know who the real enemy is until the end of the second book and there’s a whole bunch of sides and plenty of plot twists. Plus, there’s tons of diversity, so it will be cool to see that on-screen. The rights for the film were also purchased before, so let’s hope it gets put into motion.

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3. Any Sarah Dessen Book

I know there’s already a movie combining two of her books, but come on! She has plenty others that will be a great summer film. I love that her characters are always real in the way that they fight with their feelings and don’t automatically do the right thing and it’s not always ending up with the right person. Her books deal with family and real issues, so I think it would be so interesting to see it come to life.

4. Just One Day by Gayle Forman

Ah, I read this book, the sequel, and the novella in just one day, no pun intended. It’s an adventure in Paris with love and serious altercations that separate two people. It takes Where’s Waldo to a global scale and every time you think you get to a solution, it’s just another road block. It’s not a suspense story but more on the drama side.

5. This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales

This book has also been in talks of a stage production and a film so I’m glad and I hope it happens soon. What’s better than actually watching and being able to hear music which is a big part of the story. I love music and a story that music provides an escape is amazing and once again, it’s not a story where the girl is saved by a guy, but music is the thing that gives her hope. I definitely need this to come alive.

Honorable Mention: The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith

One, this story is definitely adorable because it’s about love that is meant to be. Two, it’s all about traveling, so it will give the viewer a serious case of wanderlust. It’s a tender story about family, distance, and finding out what’s important. I still say my big selling point is seeing all the great sceneries from Europe to the U.S. on the screen.

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Do you agree with my pickings? What books do you hope to see on the screen one day? Let me know!

12 thoughts on “5 Books that Should be Made into Movies

  • WAIT. Hold the phone, what two Sarah Dessen books are being combined into a movie? I really don’t know how I feel about that. All of her books are so good on their own, I don’t want to take away from any of the stories. I hadn’t heard of This Song Will Save Your Life but it sounds right up my alley. Adding it to my list! But yes couldn’t agree more about We Were Liars. THAT ENDING. I read it through multiple times and still sat the book down slowly and had to just take it all in.

  • It’s actually an old movie with Mandy Moore called How to Deal! They put together That Summer and Someone Like You. I agree, I definitely wish everything was kept on their own. Read it! It’s so good and they talk about a lot of old school rock and an 80s vibe. That ending was such a plot twist! I sincerely did not expect that! At first I went back and reread the previous chapter because I thought I skipped something, then was like “welp.”

  • Oh yeah! I remember that. I HATED IT. It was a horrible movie that didn’t do the books justice. I’d love to see Just Listen in movie form. (Or all of them really.)

  • YES TO ALL OF THESE! We Were Liars…omg! I don’t care that I already know the ending. This would be such an incredible movie! Gosh, yes, that one scene. They just have to do it now. They have to.

    A definite yes to the diversity in Legend. I think that’d be such a great book to come to life. There were some scenes that had me thinking that as I was reading, like the fight scenes and the scenes where June is creeping around and then just the whole ending.

    Every single Sarah Dessen book is amazing, and all of them would be so good in movie form. I don’t understand why they haven’t all been made into movies yet. I liked How to Deal, but it wasn’t the best movie. I think they should have made into two separate movies. It could have been amazing! I still enjoyed it though.

    Just One Day would be such a good movie. I want to see it now. That would be so fun to watch unfold. I still haven’t read the second book.

    This Song Will Save Your Life – I love this book, but I feel like it would be so incredible as a movie. I would love to hear all of the music referenced in the book and see her come out of her shell. I hope all of the movie talk comes to fruition soon!

    The Geography of You and Me is the only book I haven’t read on the list! From your description, I can tell that I’d love it.

  • Yes! I swear we think alike. I have been working on writing a post just like this one. You mentioned a few books I have yet to read, and will now be checking them out soon. I read bits of Legend and agree it should be a movie. 🙂

  • Have you read “On the Island” by Tracey Garvis-Graves?!?! You totally should!! Because that book is my #1 “Should be a movie” book, and it is going to be a movie soon!! Ahhhhhh can’t wait! 🙂

  • Seriously We Were Liars needs to be made and put out like now!

    Legend, I agree! There’s a lot of movement in the book that would be great to see.

    I’m seriously surprised they haven’t adapted another of her books! They’re so popular and would make great films. Definitely agree on How to Deal!

    Just One Day would be great because France lol and the story is sort of unique. The second book is the guy perspective!

    Exactly! I need to hear the music and how it all comes together lol

    Read it! Definitely such a YA book, but it’s cool because it’s two perspectives and it starts in New York but ends up in Europe and all over the US, so it’s a fun read.

  • I honestly have not read any of these but they all sound like they would be great movies! I’ll have to read them soon.
    Great post!

    – Ana (dearanaaa.com) <3

  • These are all the books I’ve been meaning to read! Expect ‘Just One Day’. I randomly picked up ‘Just One Year’ and didn’t realise it was a squeal, I was so frustrated with the main character – I think that pretty much ruined that story for me!

    I just picked up ‘The Geography of You and Me’, so excited to read that!

    With Love, Fatema | creativeinthearts.blogspot.co.uk

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