4 Things Singles Can Do On Valentine’s Day

Oh, Valentine’s Day. Once we step into stores the first couple weeks of January, there is no escaping the pinks, reds, and hearts that come from this holiday. For us single people, it’s just a dread because we will see our friends with significant others flaunting their cool plans and other sweet things that are going to happen to them. But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all bad. Be single and make the best of it! Here are some of my tips:

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1. Hangout with your best friends

What better than spending time with your friends to feel loved! In some Spanish-speaking countries, Valentine’s Day is called, “El Dia del Amor y la Amistad,” which literally translates to, “the day of love and friendship.” So instead of mopping that someone is not wooing you, spend time with your closest friends and even give treats to each other. Have fun and recount memories and make new ones, and if you want to watch your favorite rom-com or chick flick, go for it but make it about friends not about wanting a significant other.

2. Don’t be bitter

Yes, it may be tempting to roll your eyes at every couple you see on this day, but being bitter just makes it worse. If you are really strongly against this day, the best way is just to ignore it and go on with the day as if it was any other. Or you can go the comical way and make light of the day by making jokes, without offending those who are celebrating. Look at memes and it will make it all better. But just remember, it’s only 24 hours and most of us have school or jobs, just dive in to your tasks and let it go. *Cue Frozen song* It will be over before you know it.

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3. Love your family

Love comes in all ways, and there’s nothing that can come close to the love of your family. Whoever it may be that you have close, spend time with them. Write heartfelt letters to your parents, or bake cupcakes with your sibling. If you’re away from home, Skype them and let them know they are loved. Nothing compares to a family bond, so what better way to spend Valentine’s Day than the ones closest to your heart.

4. Love Yourself

Treat yourself. Spend a day watching your favorite movie while eating your favorite ice cream. Valentine’s Day may seem like the day to love outwardly, but you can also just love yourself and enjoy all you are. Get that manicure you’ve been putting off or buy a new outfit, but choose to make yourself happy. Don’t depend on anyone else to make you happy that day, do it for yourself and it will be worth it. It’s always better to love yourself and be happy.

So have fun this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy it and if you have any tips or ideas, send them my way!

7 thoughts on “4 Things Singles Can Do On Valentine’s Day

  • You are right – love doesn’t always have to be romantic! I remember a couple of years ago on Valetines Day, me and a couple of my good girl friends ended up doing Secret Valentine, where we exchanged gifts with the other, and it was so adorable. I have to say one of my most memorable Valetines Days ever!

  • I love this!! I never understood why so many people hate Valentine’s Day. Everyone has someone in their life who deserves a little treat! 🙂 Great tips!!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  • Right? I feel like some people have the wrong mentality but when they realize there’s love all around them, they will be much happier. Thank you!

  • What I meant is that I loved your post. I guess loving yourself and not being bitter are the best tips, along with not taking yourself too seriously, and having a laugh (Feb 14 is just another day after all). Besides, Valentine’s Day singleness can be great, if only you remember the pathetic dates you’ve been on throughout the year, or the times you’ve been out just to dance and be with your friends and got approached by some sleazeball… And if you want to have a laugh seeing that no, it doesn’t just happen to you, watch It’s Not You… the web series, and let us know if you can top any of these stories…

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