4 Reasons You Need to Take a Social Media Break

4 Reasons You Need a Social Media Break

4 Reasons You Need a Social Media Break because sometimes you need to live real life and enjoy it for what it is and breathe.

Honestly, I love social media. But I do know that there are negative things that come from it. Hence this post. There are a lot of people who talk about how bad social media is and how it’s not real. Again, true. But many continue to use them daily. Stepping away from social media can be refreshing in a lot of ways. Here are 4 reasons you need a social media break. Sometimes it just needs to happen and there are different reasons to it.

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It’s Just Boring

I remember scrolling through Twitter and just wondering what I’m doing. Nothing was catching my attention so I just closed the app. Now I can actually go full weekends not checking it because I’m present in real life. Sometimes I feel like we have this weird pressure to be on social media but sometimes it’s just not our thing. My unexpected social media break happened just because I didn’t care enough to see what was happening online. If you’re bored, channel that energy into something else.

It’s Becoming Work

For the influencers out there, social media is becoming work. I’m a big fan of this because again, I love social media. But I feel the danger comes when we force ourselves to post things when we normally wouldn’t have. For example, sometimes I write out tweets and once I read it, I realize there is no need to post it. I’ve gotten to the point where I was stressed I had nothing to post on. People are always scared to stop because they don’t want to lose momentum, but it’s important to not burn ourselves out over social media.

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Doing It for the ‘Gram

If you’re only doing things for the sake of posting it online, it’s time to take a break. I remember going to coffee shops and cool places as a broke college student just so I can take a picture of it. If you’re spending money to “flex” on Instagram, don’t do it. Save your money. Stay home and watch some Netflix. There is no need to impress followers. Take a break and do something for yourself.

Trends are Changing

With things like Tik Tok and other new apps, things are changing. Sometimes things just aren’t for you so you don’t need to have those accounts. Like younger kids don’t use Facebook so there’s no point for them to be on it. I feel like it’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many new apps going on. But we don’t have to like them all. Just take a break from social media and see what you actually care about.

What are your thoughts on this?

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