365 Devotions for a Thankful Heart | Review

365 Devotions for a Thankful Heart | Review

I received this book from BookLook for reviewing. All opinions are my own.

To keep myself focused spiritually, I like to do daily devotions. But since my schedule is a little hectic, I like to start my day with devotions that are short and sweet. 365 Devotions for a Thankful Heart is a devotional book that helps to let you see how grateful you can be. I was really excited to receive this so let me share my thoughts.

About the Book

365 Devotions for a Thankful Heart is a daily devotional. Each day has a topic that starts with a verse and a short devotion. It asks questions to reflect on the topic and have a moment to mediate on it. I have the physical copy and it’s a thick book but small enough to carry around.


I loved everything about it. The cover is so pretty and the devotionals are easy to read through. You can easily pick it up at on any day so you don’t have to wait until a new year. I think it’s great if you want a new devotional to start or to have something to meditate on before your dedicated Bible reading. It’s a great devotional book to have handy.

You can find this book online at any bookstore. Make sure to check it out!

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