23 Things #GoldenTwentyFree

23 Things #GoldenTwentyFree

Okay friends, if you haven’t noticed, I love making lists and goals. When I turned 21 I did something along these lines but just for my birthday month, but for this new birthday year, I’m taking it further. 23 things are going to be sort of like a small bucket list for my 23 years. Simple right? I really just like lists and feeling like I’m working towards something.

A lot of these things will be specific to things I am realizing in my life and need to work on now that I’m getting older, sigh. A lot of it is mostly on the self-care side, and I feel like writing it out is kind of like accountability. So without rambling more, here is what I want to work towards this new year! P.S. My birthday is March 5th, in case y’all were wondering.


  1. Sleep at a decent hour – I’m a night owl but it’s starting to take its toll on me and I feel so sluggish all the time. So I am going to start working towards getting myself into a decent sleep schedule.
  2. Have a skin care routine – So I suck at taking care of my face. I literally put nothing on it and I can tell that my skin is suffering. So I will start getting a routine going to take care of it.
  3. Master makeup – I love makeup, but it recently I’ve gotten engrossed in it and I am so determined to get good at it. I mean, who doesn’t want to look flawless?
  4. Eat well – I started off well but I go to Dairy Queen way too often, so I need to stop now and focus on a healthier lifestyle.
  5. Continue lettering – Hand lettering is fun but I know I go days without practicing. I need to stay consistent with this.
  6. Hair care – My hair has definitely suffered, so I’m going to take some time to treat it instead of constantly trying to kill it.
  7. Monitor my spending – I love using Mint but I feel like I only get the thrill of saving when I’m on it and when I’m at the store everything is fair game. I need to chill and realize that bills exists and I need to start adding to my savings.
  8. Be intentional – I want to start intentionally caring and showing a loving side to the people around me and show them I truly care. My natural setting is indifference so that has to change.
  9. Dress up – I love clothes and I have a closet full, yet I seem to always go for leggings and an oversized shirt. I need to stop looking like a hobo and actually try a bit to look more presentable.
  10. Read more blogs – I have a few blogs I follow but I definitely want to follow a lot more and keep up with. Drop your links if you want, which I know you do.
  11. Cut down social media – I’M LOOKING AT YOU TWITTER. I don’t think social media is bad as people make it seem to be, but I definitely think I need to reduce it so it’s not a major part of my life.
  12. Clean out social media – As a blogger, I tend to follow a lot of people but then everything seems cluttered and I feel like I tend to miss things from some people. So I want to make sure I only follow what I enjoy.
  13. Read 5 new books – I’m constantly reading, but I am finding that lately, I’ve been rereading old books. That has to change, so drop those book suggestions in the comments.
  14. Drive more – I HATE driving. It stressed me out. If something requires getting there by the freeway, I won’t even go. I need to at least drive somewhere.
  15. Cook a meal – I know how to do potato scallops and that’s it. So I need to open up my horizon and make some food.
  16. Do one new thing – This is anything goes. So whatever comes at me, I’m down.
  17. Self-control – If a lot of the previous things didn’t give you that vibe, let me tell you that I have no self-control. Should I eat mass amounts of ice cream? No. But do I do it? Yes. Do I need to shop at Sephora again? NO. This is just an overall thing to help me get myself focus and get control of myself.
  18. Stay positive – Since I do default to indifference, I tend to see the bleaker side of things. I’ve learned to not have high hopes, which is something I need to completely turn around.
  19. Start Bible journaling and focus – I got a journaling Bible that I definitely need to put to more use. I usually use my Bible app, but there’s something about holding it in print. I need to start getting artsy with it and focusing on my relationship with God.
  20. Stop with laziness – Look, if you made me choose between taking a walk or watching The Office in my cozy bed, the latter will always win. I don’t mean that just about activities, I’m slow like a sloth. I need to work on that.
  21. Embrace adultness – Being a young adult is this limbo of feeling young and old at the same time. Although I use that as an excuse, it’s time to put on my big girl pants and start embracing being an adult.
  22. Find a signature thing – Lipstick, scent, catchphrase, an outfit? Anything goes, I just want to find the thing that I can say is my thing.
  23. Enjoy it and don’t overthink – My word for this year is joy and I’ve been sort of doing it. I want to focus on just living life and being joyful regardless of what may happen.
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I seriously love birthdays. Do you enjoy them or dread them as you get older? Have any tips for me on any of my goals? Let me know!

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12 thoughts on “23 Things #GoldenTwentyFree

  • The idea of a bucket list being something you do and then kick the bucket isn’t too cool! We should call it something else, like, continue-to-live large list. And I love yours, especially haircare (I’m trying to not get too shaggy before a haircut), style (not just toss something on and hope it’s okay), and cooking, cooking every opportunity I get!

  • My birthday is the 29th and I have been trying to do the same thing. I also just got my first 9 to 5 job so some of these are a must. Good luck!

  • I tend to do a lot of rereading, too, but lately I’ve been trying out new-to-me books, and it’s worth it! Sure, some of them are flops, but I’ve recently found a few I know I’ll be re-reading in the future.

  • I enjoyed reading your list. I’m 23 right now and recently realized that I need to get some hardcore adulating done lol so your bucket list is some inspiration to get me started 🙂

  • Wait, what? I think I missed your birthday. If I have, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! I think goals are great, the challenge is to keep them. Keep in mind on keeping them realistic to you and get some accountability. Many of these goals seem to be helpful to make you healthier and feel good about yourself which is awesome!

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