2019 Goals and Maybe a Word

2019 Goals and Maybe a Word

I’m trying not to make resolutions a thing. For me, I think they seem more wishful than actual things to accomplish. But at the same time, I’m struggling with myself to even make up goals to follow because I never know how things will end up. (RE: my word of 2018). But I still tried to have something to aspire for. So here’s my 2019 goals and maybe a word. Because we know how well having a word worked last year. It didn’t.

Create My Own Workouts

I didn’t want to say get fit because it’s a bit cliche. But also, last year I did really good on the working out department so I need a new way to push myself. I did work out with a trainer but this year I won’t have her and I’m nervous about it. So I want to learn to create my own workouts and keep up my journey. 

Shop Sustainable 

I love clothes. However, it’s become a problem that I buy tons and then just give them away. But also, I’m buying a lot at fast fashion stores because it’s cheaper. I might do a whole post about this because it’s hurting the environment and putting people in low waged jobs because of fast fashion stores. So I want to focus on buying only when I need something and from sustainable places.

Work Hard for the Money

I don’t know how or what but I’m going to hustle this year. I like having a full time job and want to keep being a working girl. The last half of 2018 was really chill, but this year it’s time to step up again and get working.

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And For the Word

So for my “word” I’m going to be keeping “let go.” Last year was more of letting go of things I needed to let go because they weren’t good for me. But this it’s more about letting go and letting God do His thing. I’m going to try not to overly stress over life happening.

Are you making resolutions this year? Or are you taking a different approach?

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