2016 Goals and Resolutions

So I don’t really think resolutions are a good way to think of goals but I thought my title looked a little bare if it just said “2016 Goals.” Anyway, it’s finally that time to make myself new goals. Don’t worry, I’m not those people that says, “new year, new me,” because that’s just sounds to cheesy. I think change is good but it’s not going to be a new you, just an improved version. As much as I love new years, it also fills me with dread because it means new heartaches, problems, and challenges. It’s a feeling I get ever year now that I get older sadly. However, everything will happen in its time so I am focusing on the things I can control. So here’s what I’m up to this new year.


  • Get fit: Probably the most basic goal, but it’s one I already started and plan on continuing onto the new year.
  • Learn or take on a new hobby: There’s so much I can do so might as well learn a new thing and go with it.
  • Be joyful and enjoy every moment: Joy is going to be the word for 2016 and I plan to live joyfully even when it gets hard.
  • Just do: Things that stop me are always the what ifs and what people say, but if it’s something that I want to do, I’m going to do it.
  • Live Simply: Minimalist living is such a big thing right now and goes far more than wearing just black. I want to minimize my consumption of things and be simple.


  • Stay Consistent: Last year I had be consistent, so this year I need to stay consistent. 
  • Collaborate More: As a blogger, you realize that community is everything. I need to focus on branching out more with other bloggers.
  • Evolve: I saw my blog move into new things this year and made me realize we can’t stay in the same place. I’ll keep it going with the flow.
  • Beat My Numbers: I don’t want to jinx it with a specific number, but I definitely want to beat my numbers in every way.
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What’s on your list for 2016? Any big things you are looking forward to? Are you like me and the new year stresses you out? The one thing I am really excited about is that I’m turning 23! Which means I’m planning fun stuff for the blog! I wish you all the best in the new year! I’m sure it will be amazing!

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