101 Things in 1,001 Days

101 Things in 1,001 Days

Y’all I did one of these back in 2015 – 2017 and it was a fun challenge. This time around I’m just trying to go with the flow and experience new things. It may be a bit of a random list but it’s things I genuinely want to do. Here’s my list of 101 Things in 1,001 Days.

Start: May 18, 2018

End: February 12, 2021

101 Things in 1,001 Days


1. Learn how to swim

2. Learn how to surf

3. Keep working out

4. Be intentional

5. Turn 26

6. Turn 27

7. Graduate grad school

8. Keep a consistent skin care routine

9. Keep my relationship with God strong

10. Unplug from social media

11. Learn to go with the flow

12. Start jogging

13. Start a side hustle

14. Be content with life

15. Embrace my natural hair

16. Polish up my resume

17. Learn to forgive

18. Have a decent sleep schedule

19. Go to the doctor/dentist/etc for checkups not when it’s a dire need

20. Pay off my debt

21. Learn sign language

22. Learn basic car maintenance

23. Put money into my savings account

24. Get a massage or a facial

25. Get in the habit of praying instead of complaining

26. Donate blood

27. Learn to drive manual

28. Cut out sugar for at least a week

29. Not fast food for a month

30. Learn basic sewing

31. Learn how to do my eyeshadow

32. Genuinely love others

33. Learn motion graphics

34. Go a month without shopping for clothes and makeup

35. Be confident in who I am and remember that “I am a child of God and He is pleased with me”

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36. Go to a different country

37. Go to a different city that I would never expect to go to

38. Plan a last-minute weekend trip

39. Explore iconic places in Southern California

40. Go hiking somewhere new

41. Do a little getaway to Palm Springs

42. Go to Las Vegas

43. Go to a music festival

44. Stay at a bed and breakfast

45. Go to New York Again

46. Do a solo drive somewhere

47. Camp at a beach

48. Helicopter ride over a city

49. Travel to visit another Hillsong campus

50. Go to Seattle


51. Make my friends go to karaoke with me

52. Reconnect with people I lost touch with

53. Give out “just because” gifts to people I love

54. Spend a cooking day with my mom and have her teach me her favorite recipes

55. Be intentional with people

56. Have a coffee date with my dad

57. Send birthday cards to my family and friends

58. Buy my mom flowers just because

59. Send a care package

60. Surprise someone on their birthday


61. Have a picnic

62. Try 5 new restaurants 

63. Upgrade my laptop or camera

64. Give a good waiter a good tip

65. Keep a plant alive for a long time

66. Go to at least 3 concerts

67. Empty out my closet and keep the essentials

68. Visit an aquarium

69. Watch 5 classic movies

70. Use my Moviepass and see 3-4 movies in one week

71. Read 5 classic books

72. Take up photography again

73. Come up with 101 things

74. Finish my journal Bible

75. Focus on my blog a bit more

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76. Spend a whole day indoors watching a show with a good cup of coffee

77. Visit a new coffee shop per month

78. Go to a wedding

79. Get published

80. Work with a brand/person I love and admire

81. Cover/attend a big event as an influencer

82. Read a book per month

83. Have a successful thrifting trip

84. Pay for the person behind me at a coffee shop

85. Watch the sunrise or sit and watch the sunset

86. Buy something that I’ve been wanting but have been putting off

87. Film a second of each day in a year

88. Take a ballet class consistently

89. Go apple picking

90. Go rollerskating 

91. Go paintballing

92. Actually watch a new show on Netflix

93. Keep a consistent feed on Instagram

94. Meet the kids I sponsor through Compassion

95. Do vlogmas

96. Watch a movie at a drive-in

97. Do a 23andMe test

98. Write a short story

99. Go to a farmers market

100. Fly a kite

101. Finish everything on this list

Follow along on this journey! What’s on your list?


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