101 Things in 1,001 Days

101 Things in 1,001 Days

The thing about me is that I have so many cool ideas in my head but I never actually do them unless I have them written down, holding me accountable. So I decided to do the 101 in 1,001 list to keep a neat recollection of what I want to do! Check it out!

Start: March 1, 2015

End: November 26, 2017


1. Think of 101 things
2. Complete a journal
3. Go a week without feeling anxious (Fingers crossed)
4. Learn how to swim
5. Learn how to surf
6. Get in shape
7. Turn 22
8. Turn 23
9. Turn 24
10. Witness something amazing/beautiful and not Instagram it or share it on social media
11. Leave my hair naturally (no heat or hair dye) for more than a month
12. Pull an all-nighter *gasp* Haven’t done one ever
13. Finish my senior thesis (3.12.15)
14. Meet one new person every month
15. Join Netflix
16. Grow in my relationship with God
17. Cook meals for a month (Or a week because I shouldn’t get ahead of myself)
18. Thoroughly clean out my closet of clothes I don’t wear and donate them
19. Get over my irrational fears
20. Sleep at a decent time for at least a week
21. Unplug from the internet for a whole day
22. Go a month without makeup (or at least a week) and stick to a skin routine
23. Find my signature scent or lipstick
24. Cut my hair routinely, as recommended
25. Purchase my own car


26. Build up my resume and/or portfolio with things I’ve done
27. Graduate college (5.8.15)
28. Find a cool job
29. Finish writing all the posts on my drafts
30. Meet one of my readers randomly
31. Have a full-blown photoshoot or just better headshots
32. Blog consistently for a month (August 2015)
33. Reach 10,000+ views monthly
34. Work with a brand/artist that I love and share it on my blog
35. Successfully cover a big event
36. Redesign my blog (3.24.15)
37. Create 3 “How To” posts or a GIF-filled listicle (Stages of Writing Your Senior Thesis)
38. Have my blog featured somewhere (Jenna Grace)
39. Go self-hosted (Finally) (3.18.15)
40. Feature and stick to a new blog series (Sounds Round Up)
41. Learn how to balance a checkbook and budget correctly
42. Collaborate with another blogger
43. Grow my social media presence

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Social Life

44. Inspire someone
45. Inspire my newspaper staff writers to continue in newspaper
46. Take time and create cool letters and send them out to people. Extra points: Send letters to people who inspired me
47. Reconnect with people I have lost touch with
48. Meet someone who makes me smile like a fool
49. Buy my favorite books and give them away to my friends
50. Take a friend out for coffee and leave my phone off to give them my full attention
51. Give out “just because” gifts to people I love
52. Become someone’s mentor or be mentored
53. Spend quality time with my family
54. Create a tradition with my friends to keep touch after college
55. Send birthday cards to my friends and family
56. Spend a cooking day with my mom and have her teach me her favorite recipes
57. Make my friends go to karaoke with me


58. Go to San Francisco again
59. Visit a new city and just wander around
60. Move somewhere new
61. Go to a popular nature spot that I haven’t been to
62. Visit the Gum Wall, even though I will be grossed out
63. Go to LACMA (Surprising that I haven’t gone)
64. Try a new restaurant in a different city
65. Visit a new beach
66. Go to GasLamp
67. Just drive down Pacific Coast Highway
68. Go to a museum at Balboa Park
69. See a movie at the Chinese Theater in LA
70. Travel on a yacht (4.17.15)

Just for Fun

71. Go to a shooting range
72. Launch a floating lantern
73. Read more than 50 books
74. Have a successful thrifting trip
75. Host an event
76. Have a celebrity reply to me on Twitter or get retweeted
77. Go to a public place by myself (Panera 4. 24.15 lol)
78. Watch all the movies I said I’ve watched
79. Read classic novels (Ex// The Catcher in the Rye)
80. Go to a theater show
81. Watch any mind-blowing band live
82. Watch Paper Route perform, finally
83. Actually try something I’ve seen on Pinterest
84. Go for a month without shopping for clothes
85. Casually run into a celebrity somewhere (Meredith from The Office at Disneyland)
86. Meet at least one of my favorite authors or musicians
87. Attend a sporting event (3.30.15)
88. Get a season pass to an amusement park and visit regularly (Disneyland)
89. Buy fresh flowers every week for a month
90. Go paint-balling
91. Pay for the person behind me at a coffee shop
92. Go to a pumpkin patch
93. Win something, anything (Lorem Ipsum Award)
94. Drink the recommended amount of water for a week (7.13.15-7.19.15)
95. Learn (basic) calligraphy
96. Start a new show that I love (I miss One Tree Hill) (Newsroom)
97. Record a cover, even if it doesn’t see the light of day
98. Watch the sunrise or sit and watch the sunset
99. Subscribe to my favorite magazines
100. Go paddleboarding
101. Go to a cool conference

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I’m so excited for this journey and all the things I hope to accomplish. If you have a list, let me know! I would love to keep up with everyone and hope you join me in my adventures!

13 thoughts on “101 Things in 1,001 Days

  • This is such a good list. Quite a few things on your list would be on my list as well. If I had a list like this. I have really want to learn to surf, I started to learn how to swim. It has been a while since I’ve practiced swimming.

  • I love going through people’s to-do lists because I think they tell you so much about a person! So many of your goals are going to be great seeing unfold on the blog! Wishing you luck!

  • Great list! I might have to steal some of these and add it to my list. Good luck with achieving your goals. What made you decide to create your list?

  • These are great goals and I love that some are sort of long term and others all you need is a day to complete! Good luck! <3 Bee

  • Awesome! I love my 101 in 1001 list because it gives my husband and I something to work on whenever we get bored!

  • You already have one down, so that’s an awesome start! I love #14! That’s such an awesome goal, for real. There are so many amazing people in the world, and meeting just one person new every month is so doable. I love #30! I feel like I would freak out if someone recognized me from my blog/vlog. Ah! Launching a floating lantern is on my bucket list! I want to do them at my wedding if they’re not complicated, but I’ll probably screw it up and catch myself on fire (probably just jinxed myself). Good luck with all of your goals! I’m excited to hear/see all of the stories of you accomplishing them.

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