10 Dorm Room Essentials from a College Senior ft. Kleenex

10 Dorm Room Essentials from a College Senior ft. Kleenex

It’s that time of year, the joy of getting to wake up for that one class you have at noon and late night fast food runs. The most fun part of all is getting to decorate your own dorm room! Going into my senior year, I know a thing or two about this overwhelming season so check out the top 10 dorm room essentials list, all which you can purchase at WalMart. It may be a hassle but it’s the start of your independence so show your Kleenex dorm design as I did to match my love for blue chevron!


Nothing better than dressing up your bed and not having to look at the generic dorm room mattress! Pick and choose but always keep in mind that visitors come often in dorm rooms, so make sure they are decent!

Handheld Vacuum

Because messes will happen and nothing is more bothersome than having to walk to your RA’s room to borrow the vacuum. Plus, dorm rooms are small and it’s easier to move around a handheld than wielding around a huge machine.

Floor Lamp

Yes, all dorms come with basic lighting, but depending on the specifics, for example, the way your room is facing, and if your roommate sleeps in and hates light while you’re getting ready for your 8 am, floor lamps are savers because you can click it on with certain bulbs on and it will give you light but not bother your roommates.


Germs are definitely real, so why not keep them off in style? Nothing is worse than being sick, especially for the first time you don’t have mom to bring you soup. Keep the sniffles away with the cool Kleenex Expression Oval! It’s really small and compact so it doesn’t take up space in a cramped room. Plus, get them now because Chevron designs are a limited Back to School edition with Walmart! I always have them on my nightstand (seen above) so I can easily grab one while I lay in bed. They come in 64ct oval boxes and are 2-ply tissues so get them now!

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Posters and String Lights

Ah, finally being able to decorate a brand new room. It’s a fun feeling being able to start from scratch so decorate it how you want! My go to is definitely posters and string lights because it gives the room a fun feel!


Probably a given because your Netflix queue will run out eventually. Go randomly pick out a movie and watch it with friends! Plus, you can start a collection and trying new movies will definitely give you topic starters when you go out and talk to people. There’s always such good deals at WalMart, so grab some asap!

White Board

Even if you carry a planner, you will most likely forget to do something and it’s worse since you only have that one class at 6 pm on Tuesdays. Writing it on a whiteboard means you will most likely see it whenever you are in your room so you will have no excuse to miss that important meeting with your adviser.

Plastic Plates and Tumblers

With so much movement in a tiny square, always try to minimize things breaking by getting plastic utensils. I love the plastic mason jar tumbler because it’s a cool hip way to drink but it won’t shatter if you drop it, plus, it gives you more freedom to take it everywhere. Plus, super affordable at WalMart!

Storage Bins

You will be needing space so badly so make sure you have great storage bins to match your room! (See above collage for striped blue bins)  Having storage bins is very smart but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style, especially if you need to place them under your bed or somewhere visible!

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Coffee Maker

Yes, more than once you will run late to your crack of dawn class and a lot of times you won’t be able to go down to the cafeteria to fix yourself some coffee. Having a coffee maker in your room means you can start brewing as you take the quickest shower and rush out the door to class. The most lifesaving thing you can own, especially when it comes to those all-nighter study nights.

College may get stressing but you can’t forget the fun factor about it. Having the perfect dorm room can ease your mind and give you a place away from the hustle and bustle. Make sure to get your own Kleenex Expressions Ovals while they are still in stores and enjoy the fun of living on your own!

This post is sponsored by Kleenex and Walmart, but my love for their dorm style is all my own!

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