Am I Really a Blogger?

Am I Really a Blogger?

I’ve been blogging for a few years and a lot has changed in the blogging community. All good things, of course. It’s fun to see other people’s posts and how they all click but there’s some things that I don’t get and nod my head like I do. Like the person laughing at someone else’s inside jokes. 

I don’t drink wine and I go to Target every six months or almost never. What do y’all buy at Target? Last time I was there was because I wanted to buy Tsum Tsums. Am I missing a magical isle? Help! does-not-get-it

Maybe because I’m always commuting and home for like 3 hours, everything revolves around my phone. How does everyone use printables? I’ve gone paper free, not by choice and also the reason why I haven’t practiced hand lettering (also a fail, but a fail to explain another time), so the idea of using printables is foreign to me. I also see cute ones but every type of paper just gets crumpled up in my backpack, so my phone and iPad are the only way I go. If someone makes an app, I’m all on that!

I’m convinced that my Instagram will never be themed. I always change my mind about colors and seriously only post whenever I feel like posting. Also, I don’t know what’s been happening lately but now I go hours without checking it! Such a no-no. 

Also, what’s the deal with The Bachelor? I remember everyone in college was in love with it. I just can’t hop on that train.

How do people take pictures in public without feeling awkward? I kid you not, even when I’m at Disneyland taking pictures just for fun, I feel so awkward, even if I’m not in the picture and I’m taking a picture of something else.

But I definitely feel like a blogger when I have my Instagram tags on a note in my phone. Or the fact that I rediscovered that Pinterest is such a wonderful site. Or when I stick up for my fellow bloggers when people think blogging is easy. Try to configure Google Analytics and find ways to beat Facebook algorithms and then come back and tell bloggers it’s easy.

Blogging is a weird thing but it’s something I love and I enjoy interacting with other people. Am I totally doing things differently? Definitely because I’m pretty slow at catching up on things. I mean, I just got a decent blogging post schedule like a few months ago. So sometimes I don’t feel like a blogger but that’s okay. I’m still figuring out things as I go and that’s good. Maybe one day I’ll learn to DIY things because I’m far from crafty. It’s all a learning experience!


Blogging is for everyone, so if you feel like you’re not finding your place, don’t worry about it, you got this! That’s what makes blogging fun, everyone has their own voice and own quirks.