How to Enjoy the Now

How to Enjoy the Now

It’s weird that being busy and having almost no time to do anything is looked as an ideal in today’s society. But there’s something so great about taking time to just spend talking with family and friends and just enjoying the moment instead. Something that always brings me back is having a sobremesa with my family. What’s that you ask? Let me explain and show how you also can do this to stop and enjoy the now with the help of NESCAFÉ!

You see, a sobremesa is not just going out for a coffee date, which let’s be honest, sometimes coffee dates turn into an Instagram photo op. Sobremesas happen organically and are seen as an “after meal” moment. I come from a Hispanic family so we always have amazing meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but something magical happens when everyone is finishing up and someone requests a cup of coffee. Usually the realest talks are about to go down when that happens. 
My family usually spends hours after dinner with a coffee in hand and we talk about life, dreams, and the awkward stories no one wants to hear about your childhood. We’ve planned trips, had heart to hearts, and ended up celebrating even the smallest of things. Sobremesa is that weird tradition that just happens and is never taught but will be carried on forever. These are the moments that help me realize that life is happening and we need to slow down and spend it with those we love most, especially over coffee.

Sobremesas are more than coffee at a table, it’s all about being intentional. It’s about taking a complete break and just enjoying life over coffee. Check out my video below!


How would you translate sobremesa to English? What’s one way you enjoy the now with your friends and family? How do you take your coffee? Check out NESCAFÉ next time you hit the store!

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