Bleaching Do’s and Don’ts

Bleaching Do’s and Don’ts

I’m pretty reckless with my hair. I go crazy and it’s usually at certain times of the year like May or late in the year around November and December. Can’t explain it. but I get the urge. I’ve bleached my hair twice now and it’s been quite an adventure. I’ve learned a thing or two about the process so I wanted to share some advice before you take the plunge!

Go to a Professional

Yes, you may get a kit from your local beauty store, but always, always, go to a professional. Is it going to cost you? Yep. But a professional can assess your hair and will let you know how much your hair can take. Bleach is the easiest way to ruin your hair so make sure to go with someone that knows.


AKA: Don’t be like me. Both times I’ve bleached my hair and gone blonde, I only had it for a month before I went back dark. Bleaching your hair is a process. From the moment you put bleach on to maintaining it, it’s not a simple task to keep it up. Not to mention, that when you decide to go dark, your hair will still eventually wash out because the base is light. So keep that in mind.

Know the Outcomes

Your hair is going to be damaged no matter what. Yes, there is ways to reduce the damage (hi Olaplex) but your hair will have breakage no matter what. So either be prepared to cut your hair or treat the heck out of it. There’s no way around this.

Be Prepared

Buy the correct shampoos and conditioners before you get your hair done. Also, see what works with your hair. I’m not a fan of hair masks, but I discovered coconut oil and liked how that work with my hair. Look at your options and what products will work.

Listen and Get Multiple Opinions

I had one colorist tell me that it couldn’t be done, another to take my time and do it slowly, and another who told me to go right into it. I have really dark hair, so I can understand someone who doesn’t want to deal with getting my hair really light. So talk to multiple places, get the best quotes, and find someone who can commit to your hair and not leave it a dead, brass mess.


What are some things that were helpful to you when you bleached or dyed your hair?

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