Best of 2013: Movies & TV!

Movies and TV! Yes, I’m really excited to talk about movies because a lot of my adventures this year came out of random trips to the movie theater and for the first time in forever, I actually started watching series in their entirety. I’m weird. Like with my post about books, a lot of these movies and shows came out in 2013 but others are the ones I barely discovered this year, so bear with me. Let’s begin!


1. Catching Fire

This one is pretty much a given. It was intense and emotional, and even though some parts of the book were changed for the film, I still enjoyed it. Not to mention, Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair, perfect! I still wished they talked about Haymitch’s Quarter Quell and the fact that Plutarch showed Katniss the Mockingjay pocket watch he carried. However, it was still so good that I want to watch it again now!

2. Frozen

I did not expect to see Frozen but my friend invited me to go since our local theater has $4 Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was such a cute film and the animation was so amazing. Not going to lie, I wanted to hug my sister tight after I watched it! I liked it better than Tangled!

3. The Great Gatsby

Leo as Gatsby? Yes please. I honestly liked it that I saw it twice. No shame. Carey Mulligan was the perfect Daisy and looked so well with Leo, that it made the story believable. I loved the theatricality it had and I loved the cinematography of it. Plus, it had a great soundtrack! Come on, I know you replayed Young and Beautiful all summer!

4. Oz the Great and Powerful

I’ve never actually completely watched the Wizard of Oz. GASP. So I was completely expectant watching this movie. It was great how the black and white film was incorporated and James Franco is always great. The costumes were also great to look at and it was entertaining to see how the story happened! P.S. I got to interview Sam Raimi and James Franco for this movie! Read it here.

5. The Bling Ring

If my sister is reading this, she is most likely rolling her eyes. You kind of have to be really interested in this movie to watch it. First of all, I am completely biased because it was directed and written by Sofia Coppola and I love everything she does because she has such a great artistic style. That is pretty much why I love the movie. Not to mention based off a true story, I mean teenagers who break into celebrity houses? Entertaining, I must say.


1. Gossip Girl

Now don’t judge me, I barely watched this show! Technically started at the end of 2012 but completely watched it all this year. Favorite show ever, after The O.C. of course. The drama is perfect and it’s fun to see the Upper East Side in its glory. Plus, who didn’t want to be Blair and find a Chuck Bass. Love the clothes, music, and everything.

2. Doctor Who

Yes, I’m also late in the game with this but I’m glad I watched it, with much pressure from my sister. It is perfect for any Sci-fi lover. The stories are all over from hilarious to heartbreaking and the bad guys are always intense to encounter. Although I started with Eleven and Amy, plus Rory and their amazing storyline, I became a David Tennant fan. 10 forever! Such a great show and that Christmas episode left me in tears! Excited for 2014 and where Capaldi takes the Doctor.

3. Orphan Black

I’m all for BBC shows because they are so creative and intense. If you’re into plot twists and mystery, then this show is perfect for you. A girl basically goes through her everyday life and fins a women who committed suicide who happens to look identical to her. Then all of a sudden she finds other women who look like her and they are all being killed off. Must watch!

4. The Big Bang Theory

Well, I honestly have no idea how I did not watch this show before. It’s hilarious and I feel like a nerd when I catch all their references. It’s definitely pure comedic relief and I know have all the seasons on DVD. So fun!

5. The Mindy Project

Coming off from the sad fall of The Office, I was glad that Mindy had a new show. It’s quirky and I can’t help actually imagining her like her character. She’s real and honest and touches upon girly subjects in a funny way. It’s such a girl show, but it is great to watch!

6. Bates Motel

Usually I’m not for scary or gory things, but Bates Motel captured my attention. It’s an eventful show and definitely a thriller. Not to mention, Freddie Highmore plays Norman, so perfect! Although not my first pick of show, I am glad I watched it and cannot wait for the new season.

So what are your favorite movies or shows? I’m so excited as 2013 is getting closer to end and I can’t wait to see what cool new things to see 2014 will bring!