Accessory Obsession

Accessory Obsession

Fun fact: I’m actually really terrible at accessorizing, that is why I tend to focus more on my outfit, making it look nice, so I don’t have to wear any accessories.

But lately I’ve realized I’ve been missing out. I recently became the photographer at my church, which requires me to wear all black and although wearing all black is great, I just realized how bland it can look without a pop of something. The only thing I could think of was accessories.

Honestly, I don’t know why I’m not much of an accessory person and maybe it’s because I just rather spend my money on an article of clothing rather than some trinket, but I forced myself to look for something to compliment my all black ensemble, and well now I’m obsessed.

I started at H&M looking at rings, because rings are safe, I mean they go on your fingers and not a big deal to anything. I bought the rings (shown above) and absolutely fell in love! Sadly, I already lost one because they were kind of loose, so that was a bummer. But I loved that it was a pair of four and two of the rings are connected by a chain so it gives it a cooler factor and I basically wear them all the time to accentuate my fingers!

But the hardest thing for me has been necklaces, well honestly it’s bracelets but since I haven’t gotten any of those yet, we’ll skip over that. I have a hard time with necklaces because they are on your neck and there’s such a variety of things you can do with them. I’ve always geared into long chained necklaces, which has worked for me, but now I am starting to see more choker types and glammed up ones, and I am just confused, but I want to try it even if it is not really my style. My first necklace purchase was a long chained necklace with a locket and keys. although cute, I felt like I needed something more.

 I got this other long chained necklace with these sort of arrows (pictured above) I definitely felt like it was a step up, but I still was feeling like it wasn’t what I was looking for. I guess I just had to keep digging and trying on what I was looking for, even though I was clueless.

My mom, who happens to love jewelry, let me try on one of her necklaces (pictured on the left) and I absolutely fell in love. It had a lot going on, I must admit. But I love the details and the fact that it wasn’t long. As weird as I might have thought, I felt like this is what I was kind of looking for.

Now I’m hooked, now all I want to do is buy accessories and try them on with everything. It’s really different for me because it’s a whole new world for me but I like it.

So cheers to my accessory obsession. I’m sure you’ll see more posts with accessories! If anyone has any tips or favorite accessories let me know.

4 Things Singles Can Do On Valentine’s Day

4 Things Singles Can Do On Valentine’s Day

Oh Valentine’s Day. Once we step into stores the first couple weeks of January, there is no escaping the pinks, reds, and hearts that come from this holiday. For us single people, it’s just a dread because we will see our friends with significant others flaunting their cool plans and other sweet things that is going to happen to them. But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all bad. Be single and make the best of it! Here are some of my tips:

1. Hangout with your best friends

What better than spending time with your friends to feel loved! In some Spanish-speaking countries, Valentine’s Day is called, “El dia del amor y la amistad,” which literally translates to, “the day of love and friendship.” So instead of mopping that someone is not wooing you, spend time with your closest friends and even give treats to each other. Have fun and recount memories and make new ones, and if you want to watch your favorite rom-com or chick flick, go for it but make it about friends not about wanting a significant other.

2. Don’t be bitter

Yes it may be tempting to roll your eyes at every couple you see on this day, but being bitter just makes it worse. If you are really strongly against this day, the best way is just to ignore it and go on with the day as if it was any other. Or you can go the comical way and make light of the day by making jokes, without offending those who are celebrating. Look at memes and it will make it all better. But just remember, it’s only 24 hours and most of us have school or jobs, just dive in to your tasks and let it go. *Cue Frozen song* It will be over before you know it.

3. Love your family

Love comes in all ways, and there’s nothing that can come close to the love of your family. Whoever it may be that you have close, spend time with them. Write heartfelt letters to your parents, or bake cupcakes with your sibling. If you’re away from home, Skype them and let them know they are loved. Nothing compares to a family bond, so what better way to spend Valentine’s Day than the ones closest to your heart.

4. Love Yourself

Treat yourself. Spend a day watching for favorite movie, while eating your favorite ice cream. Valentine’s Day may seem like the day to love outwardly, but you can also just love yourself and enjoy all you are. Get that manicure you’ve been putting off or buy a new outfit, but choose to make yourself happy. Don’t depend on anyone else to make you happy that day, do it for yourself and it will be worth it. It’s always better to love yourself and be happy.

So have fun this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy it and if you have any tips of ideas, send them my way!

Office Depot Haul

So school is back in full swing and there is nothing better than restocking your supplies to prep for a new semester. I’m a sucker for school supplies, so of course I made the trip to Office Depot! It’s the best place to get all the college essentials and it definitely makes school shopping a breeze.

I gladly drove to my local store near my school and basically went crazy. I absolutely fell in love with the post-its section because that’s something I’ve been desperately needing but never got around to getting it, but I finally did! I’m the kind of person that loves making little notes, so this was perfect.

One of the classes I am the most excited about this semester is called Event Management. Basically we plan the school’s film festival and the communication department awards. I stocked up on Sharpie pens because it will be easier to organize everything for the event, especially once we start getting to decorations and filing!

Of course, here’s the obligatory selfie! I had my hair up in a bun, which I never do.

I ended up getting a new binder because the one I had last semester was so beaten up so I’m so glad I can transfer all my things into a new one, plus I also got tons of filler paper!

A big aspect of college is being organized and having your schedule all planned out. Calendars are a given! At first I was going to get a chalkboard calendar, but then I saw this cute “Keep Calm” calendar and fell in love. Nothing better than keeping your appointments and deadline in check while looking at something pretty!

I’m really weird when it comes to notebooks because I hate writing on spiral ones. So I got these cute journal, in my favorite color of course, and I bunch of pens (like the one in the picture) This is the only reason I look forward to class because I just want to use them already!

I’m so excited to use all my back to school things! Definitely the only time I will ever look forward to school. Honestly, shopping at Office Depot made it all easier because it was a one stop shop and I got everything I needed, and I might even go back and buy more stuff soon!

Plus, if you want to get your own back to school supplies you can get your own special $10 off $50 purchase coupon code here!

It is always so tempting to stay in bed and wish vacation would last longer but at least using new supplies lightens the blow of the spring semester. I hope everyone has a great semester and good luck in everything you do! Don’t stress out too much and drink tons of coffee.

Look to the Stars

Look to the Stars

I’m all for mini vacations and for last-minute plans that turn into adventures. Living in Southern California is already really cool, but there is so much to do and it is fun discovering it all. So my sister and I decided to rent out a hotel out closer to Los Angeles and just call it a vacation. We were basically winging it but it was worth it because so many adventures came out of it.

My friend recruited my sister and I to go to the Observatory in Los Angeles to help one of his friends propose to his girlfriend. It was pretty scary because we couldn’t mess up or be too obvious, plus we had to guard the spot from other people, which was so hard! But we made it happen and it was the sweetest thing to witness.

So I’m a sucker for city lights, you can seriously put me up on a hill at night and I’ll just be happy looking out to the city.

Such a breath-taking view. I honestly could just stay there all night looking out and it would be perfect. This is the LA I love.

But of course all good nights come to an end and we ended up at Citadel, one of the coolest places to shop and also where our hotel was at, and we just roamed around and ate frozen yogurt before ending up at our room and then deciding to go out again.

So the main thing we were planning to do was to go to the Santa Monica Pier. Now for all you SoCal natives, this is whatever, but I have never gone. Yeah, pretty weird considering I was born and raised in California, so I had to visit.

It was such a cool place and thankfully when we were there it was pretty chill and not crowded. I love the ocean and hearing the crash of the waves was lovely. It’s one of those places that you can just go when you have a few hours to spare and just relax.

This whole little trip just made me realize how much more I want to live in LA and in a few years it may happen, depending how life goes.

P.S. I also made a video at Santa Monica so please watch (:


It was all great and I’m all for adventures. But for now these memories remain and will definitely help me get through the week!


Act Like You Know

Act Like You Know

One of my goals this year is to get out of my normal rut and do more adventurous things. Not to mention, I moved to a new city last February and still have not discovered anything around so it’s helpful to see what cool spots are available.

So I made a day of it!

The day started with my sister, mom, sister-in-law, and my 5 year old niece who just wanted to play around. There’s a park near my house called Fairmount Park and they kept telling me it was a beautiful place, and it sure was. There’s a big pond with lots of ducks, which was scary since they could attack! But still, there was so many beautiful trees and bridges and I fell in love with the place.

We walked all around and basically everything was insta-worthy, even the playground, which my niece only wanted to play, was super cool and had actual chair swings. It’s one of those places that you could just go for a walk and think and look at all the beauty. Definitely a gem in this city and did not expect it!

Fun fact: I’m kind of obsessed with my sneakers now!

Dropping nuggets of wisdom on my niece

There was even a small pier! This honestly became one of my favorite shots.

Totally fell in love!

Now for all you Southern California natives, I sound like a complete noob when I tell them I have never been to the Mission Inn. It’s a hotel and every holiday season they have a spectacular festival of lights, which everyone flocks to. We actually got there before the lights went down, which was okay because I was not about to get crushed by crowds. It’s a beautiful and historic place and it was a maze.

But my favorite part was low-key going into hidden places. We had to act like we knew what was happening and just pretend we knew what we were doing. It was thrilling yet terrifying. It was great! Not to mention, we accidentally ran into a wedding! I’m not stealth so I’m definitely great at this adventure thing.

Never ending stairs

Part of the church there

Mission Inn

After that we looked through the shops around and they had some of the cutest boutiques and I’m a sucker for brick, old town buildings so I just marveled. I truthfully never expected anything that pretty and awesome where I lived so it all came as a nice surprise. It’s also great to get out of doing and visiting the same places and actually discovering something that you never expected. Life is meant to be adventurous!