Summer Playlist #SummerBloggerChallenge

When I met you in the summer…

Music is seriously one of the most amazing things that has ever existed. I believe that music holds all the memories we can’t take pictures of or the ones we simply remember in our heads. I mean come on, how many time have you heard a song and it instantly takes you back to a certain moment? Yeah, happens!

So it is extremely important that I have a summer playlist because it sets the mood for the summer and the songs will always remind me of the perfect moments so here are the songs that make me feel happy!

Calvin Harris • Summer

Typical right? At first I was not interested in this song at all, but I seriously had the first line stuck in my head almost everyday so I would let it play when it comes out on the radio. But it’s so catchy and it literally has the word “summer” in it, so why not add it in the summer playlist?

Two Door Cinema Club • Changing of the Seasons and This is the Life

I actually love anything TDCC that I really couldn’t chose. If you haven’t heard them, then you are missing out! All of their songs have a certain something that just gives any situation a fun energy. Changing of the Seasons is just a really fast and energetic song and This is the Life can basically make you feel infinite.

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