Current Fashion Picks

Current Fashion Picks

I’m currently doing a no buy month, which is fun and a bit stressing. If you didn’t know, I’m a bit of a shopaholic and clothes is my weakness. So I had to step back and look at my closet and find good staple items that worked well with everything. I like how the no buy is helping me see that I don’t need mountains of clothes, just a few key items to make it all work.


I love Vans. I might actually love them more than my white Converse. Classic Vans are so great. I can wear them all the time with leggings or with a casual dress. It makes everything look a tad bit cooler. It’s obviously great to dress an outfit down but cool to pair it with the right dress. I can honestly just be sitting at home and I’ll wear them just because.

Jean Jacket

I’ve talked about my jean jacket before. It’s honestly my ultimate favorite piece ever. The one I have is longline and a bit oversized which is a cute look that I can combine with any outfit I want. But I can just throw it on with everything and it’s all good. I will honestly wear this until it falls apart on me.

Cotton On: Jeggings, Leggings, Tees, and Rompers

At first I was going to separate these BUT the whole reason I love these items are because of Cotton On and Cotton On is actually amazing. Their jeggings are comfortable as heck and so are their leggings. Their simple pocket tee is my go to top at all times. Plus, their rompers are perfectly fitting that I will wear them all summer. P.S. This is NOT sponsored by Cotton On. I just genuinely love them. Haha.


What are you current favorite items?


April in Review | ’17

April in Review | ’17

Post contains affiliate links.

Out of the four month so far this year, I feel like April has been the fastest yet. It was such a blur! However, it was a very fun month and I did tons of things that pushed me out of my comfort zone. So cheers to me for trying new things. There’s still tons to look forward to but before them, let me recap some things for April!


– I’m still on a no buy so I’m trying products that I have been using Makeup Revolution’s Vivid Shimmer Brick. It’s so pretty! It’s a small quad that is bronzer mixed with highlights so I’m using it for a more simple makeup look and it’s nice.

– Another I’ve been trying is the Tartiest Quick Dry Lip Paint. I have it in the color “Sis” which is darker than what I usually wear. It’s definitely quick drying but I’m not 100% loving it. It’s good for once in a while use.


– Have we talked about Riverdale? Because we should. The show is so great and Cole Sprouse is an absolute gem. More please.

– Although these are not new, I am currently playing Elevation Worship’s album, There is a Cloud and Hillsong Young & Free’s acoustic album on repeat. They’re amazing!


– I’m starting grad school! Honestly, it’s something I’ve been wanting to do but I’m still nervous about it. I’m excited though because I actually love school. I’m going to be as studious as Rory Gilmore. Wish me luck!

– I’m continuing my no buy month and making it a whole season for sure. It’s going to be hard but worth it. I am doing one major clothing purchase for the whole summer so I’m being incredibly picky and looking for the best deals since it’s the only time I’m really allowing myself to shop!

Around the Web

– Currently on YouTube I’ve been loving AshleyNichole Vlogs. They’re always super adventurous and just a good way to spend 10 minutes of my day.

– If you’re a fan of Hamilton, and funniness in general, make sure to follow Andrew Chappelle on Instagram. His stories are always the funniest things.


What’s new with you this month?

Summer Hair Routine with Vanity Planet

Summer Hair Routine with Vanity Planet

Summer is honestly one of the funnest times of the year. However, I change a lot of things from my all around beauty routine during the summer because the heat is no joke! I’ve done this for a few years now and usually for the summer I stop applying heat to my hair. Thankfully Vanity Planet is here to help me! My hair has not been at its greatest and I’ve been using heavy duty stuff to help, so I’m glad I can tone it down a bit now.

Summer Hair Routine with Vanity Planet

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, then you would know that I dyed my hair a lot the last two years. My last go was completely bleaching my hair which left my hair completely brittle and damaged. That’s one of the reasons I’m nervous for my no heat summer because my hair isn’t at it’s best state. But Vanity Planet’s Remi Hair Treatment works so well for me!

What I hate about other hair masks is that you have to wet your hair first and then dry and then put the mask and then wash it again. For this treatment, I can put it on my dry hair, let it sit and was it off when I shower!

Summer Hair Routine with Vanity Planet

Probably my favorite thing is this Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush. I’m low key convince that I don’t shampoo my hair properly, plus my scalp tends to flake at times. This is so soothing on the scalp! Seriously who doesn’t love massages? The one downfall is that it’s battery operated so you need to have your own batteries for this.

My favorite after-shower product has been Biolage SmoothProof serum because my hair does tend to get wild and this tames all the fly aways and it keeps my frizz down. I’m also going to be glued to Pinterest looking up simple hairdos that I can recreate. I don’t know how to style my hair super nice, so it’s going to be a challenge!


Vanity Planet has tons of items to help you in whatever your beauty needs are and they have some awesome coupon codes right now!

If you want to step up your skin care, they currently have 70% off their spin brush by using the code “SpinSpring70.” Want to make sure your hair looks amazing? Use “SpringHair25” to get 25% on anything hair! For all my makeup junkies, get 70% off makeup brushes with “MakeUpSpring70.”

Your turn! What changes in your beauty routine are you making for the summer?

Let’s Talk: Quarter-Life Crisis

Let’s Talk: Quarter-Life Crisis

The idea of a quarter-life crisis seems like a relatively new idea but it’s not. I feel that since life is lived in such a public way because of social media, we see this more often. Honestly, one of the reasons I love the movie Reality Bites was because you get to see them struggling and showing how life isn’t so easy. It’s not the easiest place to be. We’re supposed to be adults with responsibilities but we don’t feel like we know what we’re doing.

That’s what gets us to a quarter-life crisis. There’s so much uncertainty and we’re not supposed to show it because then people will look down on us. It’s a stressful situation to be in. So let’s talk about quarter-life crises. 

So what exactly is a quarter-life crisis?

Well this can mean different things for people. Essentially it’s a time in your twenties where you start questioning life. Are you in the right job? Are you friends with the right people? The questions keep going. Our twenties are always painted as such a fun, freeing time in our lives, but there are people that expect us to make big life decisions, sometimes decisions we’re not really prepared to answer. It’s the most uncertain time in our lives. We think about what we have done or haven’t done and wonder how it will affect our future.

What can we do?

Don’t fret. Yes, that’s easier said than done. But you know when you panic, everything gets more tense. (Read Matthew 6:25-34, so helpful) Find someone wise who gets it to talk to. There’s a lot of people out there that may thing you’re overreacting or not understand that this is a serious state of mind, so find someone that can give you genuine advice. But it’s very important to take a second to regroup (in which ever way you prefer, I love trips) and just gather your thoughts. Sometimes we get here because we want to rush life and see it speeding by us, but we really have to stop and see what it is we want. People may think it’s counterproductive but do what makes you focus and what can get you on track.


What do you think of this? Have you ever felt it? Let me know your thoughts!

Blogging When Working 9 to 5

Blogging When Working 9 to 5

Blogging full time would be a dream. But for me, and many other bloggers out there, that’s not the reality. Blogging in itself is a job so when working a full time job, there’s a lot more energy that goes into running it. It’s definitely an extra challenge we have to work through but it’s not impossible.

It’s tough and I know it gets really tiring trying to make it pan out. Let me go through some of our struggles and give some tips on how to make it work.

Blogging When Working 9 to 5

Let’s talk about some struggles:


Probably the biggest and most obvious one. In between commuting and working, there’s little time to dedicate to the blog. It’s hard to sit and write post when we have to be at work. Or finding a good time to just unwind and blog. It’s the biggest challenge we face and one that we have to work with. If only there were more hours in a day. 


With not having ample time, it gets tough to connect with others. Blogging is awesome because we can be a click away from someone in another part of the world, but having times of our day booked up makes it hard to bond, especially with different time zones, it gets a bit hard to connect.


I live in California pretty close to Los Angeles. Sometimes I get invites to great events but can’t make it due to work, and if you know California, traffic. I tend to miss out on opportunities because I don’t have the time and access to them, it gets frustrating. 

Try these tips:

Planning, Planning, Planning

The most obvious but one that’s honestly the most important. I was never a planner but once I got an editorial calendar, things changed. There’s sadly no way around this. Scheduling everything will keep you on track and show you how much time you can spend working on something. This is the best way to doing both.

Treat this like a job…

If you really want to be serious about blogging, treat it like a job. I know that doesn’t sound fun when you already have a job, but it will help you keep deadlines and be wise with your time. It all goes back to planning. If you see it as a job, you will allow the ample time to work on posts and create good content.

…Or Not


Sometimes the other perspective is not to see it as a job. There are always other priorities that come first and it’s okay to take breaks from blogging. This way you’re not rushing and posting posts written with half the effort. But it also releases the stress of feeling like this is a must. Your blog will still be there at the end.


What are some ways you manage blogging and a 9 to 5?