Hamilton: An American Musical | Review

Hamilton: An American Musical Review

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I’m a huge Hamilton fan. I’ve been trying to make it to a show for the longest and I finally bit the bullet and bought the ticket. Emotions were obviously really high and it was even better since this would be the first Broadway show I would see.

The Show

I got to see a Wednesday matinee so we were the first show of the day. That didn’t stop it from being a packed showing. The show runs the complete 2 hours and 40 something minutes and has a 15 minute intermission between the first and second act. Hamilton is a musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton. It goes through his life and how he was one of the founding fathers of the United States. Yes, the musical is heavy on hip hop and rap, but trust me, it’s really cool. The show runs just like you hear it in the soundtrack starting with Alexander Hamilton and ending with Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story (Finale).


Overall I absolutely loved it. I was nervous because I had heard the soundtrack so many times that I didn’t know how I would react to all the new actors and their voices. But they all were really impressive and did the show justice. I saw Anthony Lee Medina’s second show as Laurens/Phillip and he was so spot on, you would think he was in the show for a while now. It’s a completely different experience seeing it live because there are parts that are acted differently than you would imagine. I feel like even if you’re not a super fan of the musical, you will enjoy it because it was energetic and quite humorous. Yes, you hear a lot of hype, but it truly is a well executed show. I will definitely catch a showing when it comes to Los Angeles.


Do you have a favorite musical?

Things New York Taught Me

Things New York Taught Me

As a born and raised California girl, I knew heading to the East Coast was going to be a huge change, from climate to regular life. I thought Los Angeles was busy, but I think New York is always on fast forward. I must admit, the first day I was completely overwhelmed by the city and was worried that I wasn’t going to like it. But the city grew on me for many different reasons and it showed me a lot of stuff about life. Here are some things New York taught me.

Always Be Alert

This one is meant to be taken literally. I’ve never had to be so aware of my surroundings until I tried to cruise around New York. I will never get why people can’t wait .5 seconds for the walking light to switch. Why is traffic so intense? Why is everyone always honking? Look, I can maneuver my way all around Disneyland while it’s super crowded while looking down at my phone. Not in New York. I seriously just focused on walking without dying (kind of an exaggeration but you get my feelings). Even when I was a car and not driving, I felt the need to pay attention to the road.

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

Seriously, every time I think of New York “Empire State of Mine” gets stuck in my head. I’ve always had Los Angeles within reach (fun fact: I was actually born in LA) so I feel like it lost it’s luster for me. New York was the city where things happened. This is where people moved to when they wanted to “make it.” You know what? I agree. There’s something about the New York air that makes you dream. I’m a writer with a degree in journalism, so seeing the big publishers out there just made me love it more. It definitely inspired me to start working harder on new things.

It’s Better to Walk and Enjoy the View

Both figuratively and literally. I love the fact that you can walk everywhere! California is so spread out that you have to have a car to get anywhere. I love walking so being able to do that all day, everyday was the best thing ever. It let me see the city up-close and I got to discover tons of tiny places I would’ve never thought of. At the same time, it made me realize how important it is to just chill and enjoy everything I’m seeing. We so often get carried away by the big picture things, but it’s nice to take it slow and enjoy what’s in front of us.

Is Being Busy Good?

If you look around, you’ll see people hurrying off somewhere. There’s always something going on. Like I mentioned, I enjoyed the chillness of just wandering, but at the same time I felt that I needed to be doing something. I feel like everyone was up to something. It made me think of whether everyone chose to be this busy and whether it’s a good thing or not.


Have you ever learned something while you were traveling?

Hi God, It’s Me

Hi God, It's Me
Hi God, it’s me,

These last few years have been a rollercoaster ride. Have they been all bad? No. But they haven’t been all good. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, I was shaped. I did a lot of growing up. I did a lot of letting go. And I did a lot of questioning.

Why? It’s probably the question You get all the time. It’s certainly the one you got most from me. Let me be honest, I honestly don’t know what Your plans are for me. I’m struggling feeling like I’m neither here or there. Doesn’t help that my mind is always wandering off, dreaming about what could be, instead of focusing on the now.

I made mistakes that cut deeper than I thought. I felt weak and inadequate to serve You, which affected my relationship with You. But You waited to pick up the pieces and You still see that somewhere inside, there’s something good. And maybe some of my hesitance stems from this. I know I’m not perfect, because no one is. But I dwell on my flaws more than I should. It’s scares me to think that I am not the best representation of You. I know I need to be better and I need to set out to do better.

It’s crazy that despite the tears I’ve shed or the confusion in the wait, I always knew that I am glad that I live life knowing I have faith in You. Even when I see nothing happening, I know it’s better to trust You, than not. I know that You’re bigger than my worries. I know that You are forever good. I know that nothing in this temporary world matters more because one day I’ll be in heaven and there is nothing greater than that. Life will forever be better with You, so in You, I wait.

Thank you,

Things You Should Do On Social Media

Things You Should Do On Social Media

No matter how much we want to avoid it, social media has become predominant in our society. The thing about social media is that it can actually be a good thing. However, it turns bad when it takes up too much of our lives or becomes a source of negativity. But we can use these outlets in positive ways and here are some things you can do to make it more enjoyable.

Clean Up Your Following List

A big one for sure. Everyone has to do this sometime. I’m kind of a follower hoarder. I’ve had my Twitter since 2009 and I was still to this day following people from high school who I lost touch with and don’t use their accounts anymore. Everyone in a while, go and clear out inactive accounts and the big one, accounts that you honestly don’t enjoy. As a blogger this is a tough one because a lot of them are mutuals, but if you really don’t mind their posts unfollow them. If you have muted someone, just unfollow them. I tend to just unfollow inactive people at this point, which you can check on Crowdfire.

Follow Accounts You Genuinely Enjoy

I know personally I would have a high number of people I follow so sometimes I wouldn’t follow accounts I enjoyed. I love a good curated account and fashion bloggers, but since I had so many posts to go through, I wouldn’t follow them. So once I took the step in cleaning up my following list, I started checking out accounts I really did enjoy. This made me more excited to actually scroll down and more inspired to get creative.

Delete Old and Unnecessary Posts

Always take some time to clean up your actual posts because you never know how they can be dug up. All my first tweets ended with a “haha (:” and it was so cringe-worthy. I also took a day to look at old Facebook photos and deleted tons. Always remember that someone can be snooping, from an employer to random people, someone can find old, weird posts. But this also gives you a chance to delete any rants that seem silly now.

Limit What You Post

Overposting can be wrong for two different things. You can overshare about a situation in your life and airing out your dirty laundry is always a no-no. I usually type out something and wonder if this is important enough to share and usually click delete. But also, if you post too much things can get lost on your follower’s feeds. Especially if you’re a blogger, make sure you see your analytics and see when is the best times to post things.


What are some things you do on social media regularly?

Spring Trends + Wishlist

Spring Trends + Wishlist

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Spring is coming and I am so excited! Spring and fall are my favorite seasons because they always feel so fresh and new. But spring gets me happier because I love seeing the flowers bloom and it gives me a chance to do some deep cleaning and turning over my closet to a new season. There’s a lot of things I am eyeing and trends popping up. Here’s what catches my eye.

Romper Maxi Dresses

I am 100% jumping on this trend because it’s my two favorite things combined. Usually when it starts getting warmer I gravitate more towards maxi dresses because I love the flowy feel they have. So having a romper maxi is perfect. Most don’t even look like a romper, just a cute dress so I am for sure stocking up.

So Many Caps

Dad hats are not going anywhere. I am okay with this because I love these hats. Most of my currently collection is from Disneyland though so I am looking to add some different types to my collection. One of my favorite YouTubers had a cute distressed Dodgers hat in one of her videos and I fell in love.

Bronzer Highlights

During spring and later on summer, I tend to take a really simple approach to my makeup. Thankfully, I’ve seen so many brands take out bronzer highlights, which combines bronzer with highlight so it’s the perfect combo. I love the idea of using one item that gives the hint of both and I could go without blush.

Heeled Sandals

I stand at a short 5′ 1, I always thought I was taller by two inches but I thought wrong. I’m obsessed with heeled booties because they add so much to an outfit even if it’s super casual. So for spring I am definitely getting heeled sandals because they’re really cute and I’m loving anything with heels lately.

Shop all my picks below

What are your essentials for spring?