How to Get Ready for Summer

How to Get Ready for Summer

I was provided Harry’s product but all my opinions are my own.

Summer is among us and as the temperature starts to rise, there is tons of ways we can get ready for it. We may think that it’s just switching out our closet and putting our sweaters away but there’s so much else you could do. So make sure to take care of everything with these helpful tips!

Sunscreen Makeup

It gets hot, we all know that. Everyone wants to rush to get waterproof makeup, but make sure your makeup has some SPF or ingredients that will protect your skin from the harsh sun. Trust me, I hate makeup that melts in the sun, but make sure to get things to protect your skin too! Take care of yourself. I’m a weird person who loves sunscreen and the smell of it, so I’m stoking up.

Smooth Skin, Check

Get your legs or your face ready with Harry’s shaving set. Smooth skin is an absolute must for the summer! Thankfully Harry’s has a trial so you can try their Truman set (including a travel sized shaving gel and blade cover) and all you have to do is cover shipping! I’ve been using this for the last month and I’ve seen a difference compared to my last razor.

No Heat Summer

Every summer I stop applying heat on my hair (only for special occasions) so I can let my hair be it’s natural self. This gives my hair a break plus, why use a hot tool when it’s already hot outside! I usually get products that help my hair during this time and let my natural waves shine.

Out With the Old

I know spring cleaning is a thing but I feel like deep cleaning during every season is important, especially during summer. I feel like summer tends to linger longer, I do live in sunny California after all. Get rid of everything you genuinely don’t need from clothes to makeup. Make sure to start off fresh!


What are some ways you prepare for summer?

Let’s Talk: Self-Care

Let’s Talk: Self-Care

Some see self care as merely getting your nails done and have a pamper day for fun. But self-care is about taking a second for yourself and regrouping. Everyone needs to practice self-care! There are so many reasons that it’s important to incorporate this in our lives because it will give us a time to think and find ourselves. Don’t think that self-care is about being selfish, because it’s really not. Here’s what it is and how you can make it work in your life.

What is Self-Care?

I know when I’m about to crack and I’m sure you know when you are too. This is the most important thing to note, don’t wait to take care of yourself until you feel you’re about to break. Self-care is about taking care of yourself, however that can look like. It can be as simple as taking a day off and reading a book or something more intense like regularly working out for your health. In short, the act of taking care of yourself. Simple as that.

Be Content

Something I believe is that you should learn to be happy in yourself. No other person should be your sole source of joy. Especially with self-care, it’s important because even if you have amazing people surrounding you, you still have to make sure you are doing things for yourself. This helps self-care to be genuine. I’m the kind of person that goes on shopping sprees when I’m angry and that is not self-care, that’s just me choosing to act out against someone’s actions towards me. Learn to be content with yourself and it will change your perspective.

Find Your Routine

Look, bath bombs are cool but not my thing and that’s okay. For me, I love taking a day, turning on my candles and fairy lights, and read a book. For others, it may be a shopping trip or going out for coffee. It can be anything and that’s what cool about self-care because you know what you like and can treat yourself to it. Find what makes you happy and what relaxes you. Do if often to keep you refreshed!


How do you practice self-care?

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Sounds: Currently Playing

Sounds: Currently Playing

This year has already been such a good time for music and there’s still so much more to go. It’s going to be so great. I am so happy. I feel like there’s so much being put out that it’s getting hard to stay on top of it all, which is seriously no issue honestly. Here’s some of my current picks! I know summer will bring tons more.

Paramore | Hard Times

I consider myself a casual Paramore fan. Paramore is pretty good. I listened to them whenever I remember them. I’ve listened to most of their albums so I can tell that “Hard Times” is a completely different direction for them. I absolutely love the vibe and I’m excited to see how the whole album sounds. It’s been a long time since their Riot days.

Harry Styles | Sign of the Times

So long awaited, so worth it. Put aside what you think about One Direction and give this song a listen. This is Harry Styles in his element. His voice and unique style completely shines and it gives that old school slow rock feel. Artistic wise, I feel like he is the member from One Direction that completely thought about what music he wanted to do. I’m excited for his debut album.

LANY | It Was Love

Yeah, LANY will always be mentioned by me. But there new album is going to be released soon and all these singles are just a tease! They have their trademark sound and it’s going to be perfect for the late summer months.

Lead | Love Word Power

This is probably a band not many know but I’m so impressed by Lead. They’re actually a Spanish band but they released the English version of their debut album and it’s honestly amazing. I wasn’t expecting that much when I clicked play, but it sounds legit.


What have you been listening to lately?

How to Stay Cool in the Summer

How to Stay Cool in the Summer

I live in a very hot part of California. I’m so close to the desert that staying cool is a full on job. It’s kind of ridiculous. If you’re anything like me, the heat makes me super lethargic. I honestly love summer but the heat just tires me out! So thanks with the help of Outshine, I am bringing you different ways to stay cool in the summer!

Take Advantage of Late Afternoons

It’s going to be hot all summer so it’s all about playing smarter, not hotter. (I hope y’all see what I did there) If you want to do more activities, avoid the middle of the day and push things to the late afternoon. Thankfully the days in summer seem a lot longer so you still have time to get things done. Plus, you get breezes and you get to see the beautiful sunset as it goes down. Win-win, I think.

Snack Brighter with Outshine

I’m all about yummy treats and Outshine is the perfect healthy alternative. It won’t make you feel guilty and they’re so refreshing. They have tons of fruity flavors available (my favorite is coconut) and they also have yogurt bars if that’s what you’re into! They’re perfect and you’ll probably keep eating them on a warm day.

Make It A Day In

I know that summer is about going out and having fun, but having a day in is just as good! Stay in and have a movie one with your loved ones. There’s tons of classic summer movies that you can watch.

Think About Your Clothes

I wear black year round, but that’s not the point of this. Maybe I’m getting older but I’ve gotten to the point that I prefer wearing truly cooling clothing instead of trying to look cute. Sometimes you have to sacrifice looks so you don’t melt in the sun.

Check out where you can buy Outshine here! Also, check out their Instagram to get some summer inspo!

Let me know how you stay cool in the summer!

How to Get Back in the Groove of School

How to Get Back in the Groove of School

Guess who is going back to school!? Me. Grad school has always been on my mind so I decided to jump in and do the thing. I was excited. The thought of getting a new planner and supplies but soon enough, the excitement of getting accepted died down. School is a big deal. I have so many things going on that I began to think of all the stressful things I will have to somehow make time for. Not to mention, I graduated from undergrad in 2015 so I forgot about homework and formatting. I’m a bit overwhelmed but I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. Here are some things that have helped me out!

Find a Good Support System

This time around it feels very different. It’s not undergrad where people just see it as a thing you’re supposed to do. I had second doubts pretty much every step of the way and I still do. I have people encouraging me all the way. But it’s also important to find people that get that your time is going to be extremely measured and won’t pressure you. Good people will cheer you on the whole way.

Plan Ahead

I feel like I’m always trying to beat the clock and planning is the only way I can stay on track. I’m still working full-time, blogging (I have so many posts written and scheduled!), and freelance writing. It’s tough and that’s what also overwhelms me. But thankfully I got blessed with some pretty amazing professors that give me all the information for the class weeks ahead of time. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

I’m so ridiculously rusty it’s almost funny. I’m usually the kind of person that likes to figure things out on my own. But asking questions to everyone that can help will make things so much easier. Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of. Remember, work smarter not harder.


Do you have any helpful tips to share?