Summer Essentials • #SummerBloggerChallenge

Summer essentials! This is one of my favorite topics so far for the summer blogger challenge and I’m excited to share my nuggets of wisdom. Some may think that summer is a time that you don’t have to over prepare. For example, in winter we have to carry beanies and coats and umbrellas and anything to stay warm. But there are some things this season that you can’t live without and can ensure you have seamless summer plans.

Some of the things I will suggest are typical, but I offer some different advice on them! So bear with me, I hope my essentials are of great help!

1. Extra Clothes

Sounds kind of weird but I always carry around a pair of shorts and a shirt in my bag, usually some that can fold well without creating bulk. Extra clothes can save you when you accidentally get pushed into a pool or you got a stain on your outfit and your friends decide to go have an adventure. P.S: Extra shoes are definitely optional but recommended. Like if you ever go to the beach wearing sandals and your friends decided to go exploring over jagged rocks, sneakers are important, trust me, it happened.

2. Sunscreen and BB Cream

Duh, right? However, sunscreen is so important always, not just on days we decide to go to the beach. Even if the sun is not blazing hot, sunscreen can still protect us from rays, even when you don’t think you’ll get a sunburn. BB Cream is perfect so you can have a fresh face without piling a lot of makeup that you will sweat off. A lot of make up just feels heavy and BB cream just covers enough to keep us not looking like zombies.

3. Chargers

Oh yes, what would we do without our phones? Always carry a wall charger, or a car charger, or even a phone case charger! We love taking pictures of the things we do, so why not keep our phones alive all day. Plus, if you end up traveling to a completely random place, you will need your phone to get you back home. Keep it alive!

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