Sounds Spotlight: GLADES

I’m always listening to music and I may find good songs from some bands, but it’s really hard to find a band where you can truly like all their music. So let’s meet GLADES. The trio from Australia is making waves already so I’m glad I caught on just in time. The band is made more »

Sounds Spotlight: Let's Talk About Lany

Sounds Spotlight: Let’s Talk About Lany

I’m always listening to great music but not many bands break into my favorite bands of all time so easily. So this is why we need to talk about Lany because they just broke into my top favorites, which is not what many bands do. I’m also pretty darn happy that this will be my more »

Sounds Spotlight: Bianca Gisselle

Like I’ve said many times before, I love introducing everyone to new music. So let’s meet Bianca Gisselle. Bianca, who is originally from Florida, now lives in Los Angeles has a soulful voice and top 40 catchy lyrics that listeners are going to fawn over for. Bianca recently released her EP, Get Back to Love and a more »

Sounds Spotlight: Meet Vida

Whenever I find a cool new band or song, I find it my moral obligation to share it with everyone. So let me introduce you to Vida. So I first heard of Vida when they released the song “Love So Real” on Soundcloud, but I never actually stopped to give it my full attention, it more »

Abi Ann

Sounds Spotlight: Abi Ann + Interview

Her new single “Future Ex-Boyfriend” is already making waves with its mix of electric guitars and a modern country sound. The Texas native has previously toured with Jesse McCartney and has won several awards like the coveted Artist of the Year for 2014 and Teen Artist of the Year for 2015 for the Indie Music more »