3 Things I’ll Miss About Summer #‎BTSBloggingChallenge‬

This whole week I am participating in the End of Summer Challenge! Check out all the info and the other bloggers here! Stay tuned for posts every day.

With school literally around the corner (I start August 25th), I’m already having withdrawals of summer, except I won’t be missing the heat. While most people might be missing the sun or the beach, I will miss different things and that’s because I live in California where the beach and the sun are always there, no matter what season it is.

1. Family Time. I love hanging out with my family which includes my 5-year-old niece and 2-year-old nephew. Since my niece starts school back up, it means homework will overload her, which saddens me. I love the movie nights or random baking activities and talking to everyone at the dinner table drinking coffee. Makes me so sad as I write it, so I hope to just have these moments once everything kicks back up.

2. Going All Natural. Yeah, I can keep my hair natural and wear no makeup during fall, but definitely not as much as I did this summer. I’m going to miss washing my hair and just letting it dry into the wild mane it is. I didn’t have to worry about anything and if it every got to crazy, I would put it in a bun or a side braid. But since the cold tends to dry skin quicker and winds make hair messy, I know I will have to start trying a bit more to keep them contained.

3. Freedom. No longer can I just decide to take a trip one day to another or decide to buy Arctic Monkeys tickets and drive down to San Diego to see them. Everything must be planned because there’s a lot more responsibility. I can no longer just browse Tumblr or lay in bed and have a movie marathon. Things are much more calculated so I’ll definitely miss the free time that summer brings because everything is just so spontaneous!

I didn’t think I’d miss summer this much but now that I put it all to words it gets me down. Yeah, fall and winter are my favorite seasons but summer brings that punch of fun to the year. What are something you’ll miss of summer? Let’s all enjoy it while we can! ‘Til next year.

  • Orly

    agree with family time and being natural. today, for the first tiem in weeks, i wore makeup!!
    man, i will miss summer

  • zoediazmcleese

    Colorado has over 300 days of sunshine, so I’m definitely good on the sun and extremely over the heat! I’m definitely going to miss the freedom as well. I worked a lot, and had 2 internships, but the rest of the time was up to me and I would stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning working on my blog or reading other blogs and books, so I’m sad to not be able to do that anymore. 🙁 Can’t wait to read your posts for the rest of the week!

    Zoe | La Vie en Zoe

  • Jessica

    I think I’m going to miss the really wet and humid hot weather…
    …said no one ever. lol Summer is okay, but I can’t wait for fall and winter! 🙂