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    Sounds: Glory & Wonder | Mosaic MSC

    If there is an album I was excited to hear, it’s this one. I have actually never preordered an album before, but I did this one back in May. The excitement was real. Plus, hearing songs here and there, I already had some favorites and it was all sounding good. So let me unpack it a bit.

    First, something I love about Mosaic MSC is that their sound is completely their own. They completely embrace their uniqueness which makes their music stand out in a good way and doesn’t sound like something you’ve already heard. They’re a breath of fresh air in Christian music.

    The second I heard “Speak to Us” I knew I was going to love this. I basically, more or less, watched the whole live recording through Snapchat. There’s always one song in every album that sticks with me way before it’s actually released and that song was it.

    The album starts with “Across the Universe,” which I think was perfect because it builds up and sets the mood for the whole album. “Heartbeat” and “Speak to Us” are upbeat but not in an overwhelming way. They’re chill and captures the LA vibes. One of the songs that completely caught my attention was “Not Afraid.” It’s one of the slower songs but the lyrics completely hit home and it’s a beautiful track. Also, if you’ve listened to their first album, Glory & Wonder features a new version of “Never Stop.”

    The album is so well done that you won’t even notice that this was recorded live. I love Mosaic MSC because they push their limits and show how different and amazing worship can be. They have a sound all their own and I’m excited to see where they go to next.

    Listen to the whole album below.


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    What to Do During an Unexpected Blogging Break

    A couple of months ago I was so motivated. My blog was doing great. I upped my posts to three times a week. It was all good. Then I went to vacation and I had only a couple scheduled posts but I thought I would get back in the groove of things. But then I didn’t. I thought I was just tired and needed a few days to recuperate but then I still wasn’t writing. Then came the unexpected blogging break.

    I hate the idea of a blogging break. It makes me feel like I somehow gave up, which I know I didn’t. But I hate the feeling that I was getting behind on the blogging race. The comparison trap is a dangerous place. Blogging is like a job so stopping even for a little bit is scary and overwhelming, but it happens. So when you find yourself in this place, here is a few things you can do.


    Where is your blog going? Are you happy with what you’re posting? On this break I tried to showcase my older posts and realized I wasn’t too thrilled with my most recent content. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed writing them and I got a good response, but they aren’t exactly posts that are shareable or evergreen. It made me see that I have to be specific and write about things people can relate to. Even if it means redirecting my blog (again) it’s worth it because I saw what works and what doesn’t.

    Spruce Things Up

    If you feel like you have to do something, work on the back end things of your blog. Clean up plugins you don’t use. Update your theme. Repurpose old pins to better quality. Basically take some time to take care of your blog to make sure it’s running properly and you love the way it looks and feels.

    Take the Break with Stride

    I got pretty frustrated the first few days when I would open WordPress but wrote nothing. I was thinking about the numbers and the Tweets that needed to be scheduled, but nothing was going to change the fact that I needed to stop and refresh. Just enjoy it. Binge watch shows and try a new hobby. Just have fun with it because there’s no point in forcing something. You’ll get get back to the grind soon enough.


    Have you been on a blogging break? What’s a tip you would give to those struggling?

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    Disney World | Trip Diary

    I’m still on a vacation high and I can’t believe I’m back home. I’m already planning my next trip! So while I’m day dreaming about Disney World, I’m going to share some things that happened on my trip. Disney World is a whole different ballgame compared to Disneyland (I’ll compare them in a different post) but I enjoyed it so much! Seriously, how can you miss a place so much!? I’m going to be sharing my hits and misses and overall travel diary of this trip!

    Here’s some misses: (I wanted to start here because I don’t want this end in a downer)

    Cast Members

    There was a HUGE difference from the way CMs acted here compared to Disneyland. I saw a lot of them texting on stage or just looking really bored and weren’t helpful. They weren’t necessarily rude (shout out to the CMs working the Wishes party, they were the best) but they just didn’t seem to embody the magic that was around them.


    I’ve going to say this once, just because it’s bigger, doesn’t mean it’s better. Although overall transportation wasn’t horrible, but we experienced delays. It took us an hour to get from Magic Kingdom to our hotel one of the days. We tried going to Disney Springs one night and the bus kept getting delayed. But I will say that I LOVE that they have an automatic announcement on buses, Disneyland doesn’t have that and you can barely understand the driver.

    Here’s some hits:


    The queue for their royal hall is so beautiful and meeting Cinderella was so wonderful! Peter Pan was very Peter Pan-ish and fun. They also had Elena of Avalor out, which was my favorite thing. Festival of Fantasy is such a beautiful parade. I already miss Wishes. I watched the Welcome Show which is such a great way to start the day. Entertainment was great all around.


    I always heard people say food at Disneyland is better than at WDW. Although, Disneyland does have more variety, WDW did not disappoint. The Mexican food at Epcot was so delicious and we ate the Grey Stuff at Be Our Guest was so good! I didn’t eat as much treats as I would’ve liked, but it was all good.


    I love the castle. I love the details in Animal Kingdom. I love everything! It embodies everything magical that is Disney. Every turn there was something that made me so happy to be there. Theming on point y’all.


    I seriously fell in love with Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom was seriously a gem. Right now I’m trying to decide if I do a longer trip back or to go to Tokyo Disneyland. Give me some tips! Catch some more pictures on my personal Instagram or over at my Disney Instagram!

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    Mexican Meal in Under 5 Minutes

    Being Mexican means that food is always being cooked. It’s just a given. What’s even more a given is how many beans are always on a pot on our stove. But the thing about beans is that they sometimes take a while to get done, and I know I can’t be the only one who has burned them!

    Herdez is here to make breakfast easier by cutting down prep time! With their Instant Refried Beans, they give you 4 different types of flavored beans, including cheese, chorizo, and jalapeño, that you can cook up in a short amount of time.

    I don’t have much time to sit down and eat breakfast, so I need something quick and easy. Nothing makes me happier than remembering the flavors of my childhood. Herdez brings back these goods, see how you can also make this.

    To make this simple meal, all you need to do is fill a pan with some water. I simple let it simmer a bit and then I add the beans. I used the chorizo beans because it adds a new ingredient and the chorizo adds a bit more of a kick!

    You just need to stir it up and let it cook in 5 minutes, no need to wait hours or pick the beans apart. I like to pair up my beans with a simple egg on the side (which you can make while you let the beans cook), just like my mom would make when I was growing up.

    Seriously that’s it! You can have an authentic Mexican meal in 5 minutes thanks to Herdez because of these simple bean packets. They’re so much more flavor than regular beans, so you’re getting more out of it for only being a 5 minute meal.


    What’s your favorite way to make beans? Check out Herdez Instant Refried Beans and pick your favorite!

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    To All Who Come to this Happy Place: Welcome

    In honor of the end of the Diamond Celebration at Disneyland and my first trip to Disney World, I wanted to share a bit of why Disney is so magical. A lot of people think Disney is just a kid thing but it’s not. Walt Disney wanted this to be a place where everyone can come and escape reality and be somewhere they can be happy. Just take a sec and listen to Walt’s opening day speech.

    Fun fact: I grew up pretty close to Disneyland but only went very few times as a kid. The only memory I have is me waiting with my mom at Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at the end of the day. Pretty random. So now that I’ve had my annual pass for a while, it has shown me Disneyland (and Disney in general) in a new light.

    P.S. If you follow me on Twitter, you can follow this thread where I explain some of my feelings.

    Disneyland (and all Disney parks) are more than just a place for kids to burn off steam. It’s literally meant for everyone! It’s meant to be a place where you can escape the day’s worry and spend a day in fantasy and magic. And you know what? It succeeds. No matter where you look, there’s Disney magic happening. Before I got to spend a lot of time at Disney, I felt like I only worried about getting from one ride to another and even stopping for a break ruined my day. But now I see how much detail and time cast members put into making this an experience. 

    From the shows to the custodial cast members, they genuinely want to make magic happen and they do. Just take a moment to stop and look at the visuals around you. There’s details everywhere, even in the flowers! This is a place where you can eat churros and stroll down Main Street like it’s home. It’s supposed to make adults feel nostalgic and feel free. Who doesn’t want that?

    Also, there’s a HUGE Disney community on Twitter, Instagram, and of course, in the parks. I’ve made so many friends through Disney and a few of them have become close since we have other similar interests. The community is amazing because they understand Disney and it’s fun talking to people who get it.

    Disneyland has taught me a lot about myself and has shown me to just love what I love and have fun. We may over think our travel plans too much and get worried things won’t turn out how we want them, but it’s time to embrace the magic that is Disney. It’s more than just another theme park, it’s a place to just imagine and dream.


    What’s your favorite part about Disney? Park or just in general, I would love to know! 

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    Top Disneyland Attractions

    In honor of my first trip ever to Disney World, I’m going to be doing posts about the great things at Disneyland! There can never be too many Disney related posts, so prepare for an influx of them. For this post I’m going to be sharing my top favorite Disneyland attractions! 

    Pirates of the Caribbean 

    I don’t know what it is, but this ride always makes me feel the magic of Disney. It’s such a fun ride and a classic that everyone can enjoy. It has some drops but for the most part, you just cruise around and see what a pirates life consists of! 

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

    Because I like myself some thrills, Big Thunder is always my go to. The additions to the end of the last hill are so great. Plus, when Fantasmic! is around you can can hear the show from there. I feel like this ride holds many memories for me.

    It’s A Small World

    It’s a classic! I don’t get why people hate it. There are worse songs in the world, trust me. Small World is such a cute ride and if you want to get real deep, it shows how we are all human and should love each other.

    Peter Pan’s Flight (Bonus Mention: Dark Rides)

    There’s a reason Peter Pan’s Flight has a long line always, and it’s because it’s amazing! I feel like it’s so magical and one of the original Disneyland rides. So that’s also why I’ll give the other OG dark rides a mention (Snow White, Mr. Toad’s) because they’ve stuck around for 60 years!

    Honorable Mention: Mad Tea Party

    I wasn’t going to add this but I feel like this has become that cute ride you have to ride. Even more bonus points if you take the typical picture while it’s twirling.


    What’s your favorite ride in any Disney park?

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