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    Why I Choose to Wear Makeup

    For as long as I can remember, I was never much of a makeup wearer. Even now, I can go days without makeup. But within the last year I completely fell in love with makeup. Am I good at it? Not really, but I enjoy taking the time out of my day to put it on. It’s fun and shopping at Sephora is always an adventure.

    A lot of people have different opinions about makeup. Some fully embrace the contour and have an extensive collection, while others thing mascara is the only thing they need. But one of the biggest thing I hear is that makeup is vain and doesn’t reflect inner beauty. The “You don’t need that much makeup” or “the media is trying to make you think of beauty this way,” comments always end up popping up. Those things are very justifiable but that also doesn’t mean that, that is the reason. So let me give you some insight on why I choose to wear it,

    I choose to wear makeup because its fun and a stress reliever for me. I love getting prepped  and figuring out what foundation I want to wear that day and what colors to put on. There’s no overthinking about it. You basically have a good 30-40 minutes of playtime where you can try products and techniques. Seriously it seems overwhelming at first, but putting on makeup is fun. There’s nothing more to that.

    I also don’t have perfect skin. I have freckles, red spots, and discoloration. Not to mention I have the gnarliest dark circles, that people have asked if I was dying or sick. If I go to the grocery store or something like that, I usually still go bare-faced because its no big deal but if there’s a situation that calls for a good face, I go all out. I want to wear makeup because I know my face isn’t taken care of properly (I’m working on it) but I never got the people who tell me not to but then see me regular face and think I’m sick. Let me live.

    I don’t understand the need to knock on people who wear makeup. This is serious skill! It’s taken me a year to perfect my eyebrow routine so shout out to the girls who have it down. Makeup is an art form of its own. I choose to wear it because it’s cool seeing how one thing can change the way I look and how I improve. This doesn’t mean I’m not embracing my inner beauty or I have low self-esteem, it’s honestly a hobby and it’s not something I need, I just want to do it because I like it.

    If you choose to not wear makeup, that’s good and if you do wear it, that’s good too. Don’t make anyone feel bad if they adhere to any beauty standards. Makeup isn’t bad and going bare-faced isn’t either. Let’s just enjoy it all!


    What do you think about all this?

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    What Having Braces as an Adult is Teaching Me

    If you follow me on Twitter, you would know I have braces. You also know how much I complain about them. In my head, and to most people I’ve encountered, braces are meant to be worn when you’re a teenager. So when they see me with them, some people straight out as about them and others just try to ignore them. It’s been a process but having braces has taught me a lot of things about myself, so here are some.

    Where is my confidence

    One of the things that made me nervous was obviously the fact that I had metal in my mouth. The instant they were on I immediately felt self-conscious. What’s weird is that I put them on to make my teeth better because they weren’t and having them on made me more insecure but my teeth weren’t even perfect to begin with. I’m a single gal in my early twenties, this is such an awkward time in life and now I have to deal with this for a year and it’s been throwing me off my game. If you go down my Instagram, none of the pictures of me in the last few months have me smiling normally. But, the fact that I’m letting this affect me is ridiculous. There’s so much more to me I should focus on and not let this be such a deciding factor of my confidence.

    I’m not a teenager and people will find that weird

    My orthodontist could honestly swear I was a teenager and I had to keep telling him that I had work and was a responsible adult. I also had me eye check up at a new place and the receptionist kept telling me pricing and kept checking up on my paperwork just in case someone adultier had to sign for me. I never realized how annoyed I get when people think I’m younger.

    Things take time

    I just need to have them for a year and I’m almost at the half way mark. But I’m not going to lie, I have considered taking them off. I get anxious and see them already kind of straight so I always wonder if I should just cut it short. But of course, they’re not perfect and it’s teaching me that I need to have patience, it’s not a next day type of thing. 

    Everything is what you make of it

    At this point, there’s nothing else I can do and complaining isn’t going to solve anything so I just have to make it work. I was bummed that I would have them on for my first trip to Disney World, but hey, at least I have the chance to get braces and get things sorted out so I should be grateful.


    Do you have any tips to make my time with braces better? Let me know!

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    My Go to Blogging Tools

    Okay, I’ve been blogging for a while but it wasn’t until this year that I wanted to get down to business. This meant for me to start embracing the tools I thought I didn’t need. You know that feeling? Like you already got this blogging thing down so why need “xxx” thing. But sometimes our own stubbornness works against us and we need to use tools to further expand our blogs. Here are some of my tools that I completely fell in love with and have helped my blog grow!


    At first I was against this because I thought it would clog up my Twitter feed but this has been such a handy tool. Tweetily is a plugin that tweets out your posts throughout the day, so your content is always getting out there. This is an easy way to get older posts back out again because it chooses posts by random! I have mine set at every 6 hours so you can adjust it and even exclude posts you don’t want shown.


    This is also a plugin I started using late in the game and it’s been so useful! You see all those social media icons on the left side of this post? That’s what this is. It makes it easier to share your content. All it takes is one click and done! You can customize it, add different social networks, and when people share you can set it up so they can see your own social media accounts in case they want to follow!

    Pretty Link

    I’ve been using for a while and it’s still great, but I recently discovered Pretty Link. With Pretty Link you can shorten your links while keeping your own domain name. For example this post can be shortened like I like this because you can keep your name and just shorten the rest of the link so people can recognize your link everywhere! Plus, it comes with analytics so you can track where things are coming from!


    Like I said, it took me a while to get into some of the most obvious tools. Some of my content isn’t fit for Pinterest but once I started putting my Disney posts on there, I saw how great it is! My bucket list has been shared around and I’ve seen traffic come from it every day. So start sharing on Pinterest! Use Canva to make visually pleasing pins and use it to the fullest.


    I casually used Stumbleupon before but I stepped it up recently. You basically just put a certain blog post and people will stumble into it! It’s really easy to use but you do have to make sure to share other content so they penalize you. But it’s a quick way to get a post out!


    Do you use any of these? What are your go to blogging tools?

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    5 Things Friday

    So I thoroughly enjoyed doing my last 5 Things Friday, so here’s another! I feel like I enjoy these because I can elaborate on my annoying tweets. So here we go!

    Dole Whip

    I did it friends, I had a dole whip! I did sort of cheat and had the float version, but I was so thirsty. I finally did it. Honestly, it was good but I don’t get the hype! It felt just like a regular treat. Would I get it again? Maybe if the line was short again.

    One Tree Hill

    I’ve been rewatching One Tree Hill and oh my gosh, this show is a hot mess. Lucas drives me insane, he’s the worst. Peyton deserved better in the end, in my opinion. Can we also talk about how insane the storylines were for what was supposed to be a small town? Regardless, I still love it.


    So I have naturally thick brows and I’ve embraced them. But I finally went to a pro and got my brows shaped and my life changed. Yeah I may have flawless foundation for something, but crisp pretty brows are everything to me now.

    Florida Weather

    So like I’ve mentioned before, I’m heading to Disney World next month and I’ve hit the part where I started creating lists and packing. The one thing that is throwing me off is the weather! Right now it’s hot and there’s thunderstorms and I’m just trying to figure out what to expect. Help!


    I’m definitely not alone on this but I am so excited for fall time! I’m already buying boots and I’m on the hunt for cozy sweaters. But really, this also means that Christmas is so close!


    What’s new with you this week?

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    ELENA OF AVALOR - "First Day of Rule" - Elena officially becomes crown princess and rescues her sister, Isabel, from Noblins, elf-like shapeshifting creatures based on a Chilean peuchen myth. (Disney Channel)

    Why Elena of Avalor Matters

    If you haven’t heard, Disney has a new princess. She’s not any type of princess, she’s a Hispanic/Latina princess. There’s a lot of thoughts and opinions surrounding her and trust me, I had some at first too. Elena of Avalor is meant to represent many Latin American countries. There’s people that are okay with that, but others who wish she resembled more one country, and so on. Then there’s others that don’t like the fact that she’s not having a feature film. Regardless of these circumstances, she’s really important and I’m going to tell you why.

    The most obvious, she’s the first Hispanic/Latina princess

    She’s a representation of a lot of cultures and I think they pulled it off. Also let me clear up about Sofia the First, the producer said she misspoke and she’s not supposed to be Latina, therefore making Elena the first Latina princess. I love how they incorporate Spanish into episodes. Do you guys know I love the word, “mija?” Her grandma says it all the time and that’s the best! I feel like they’re doing such a great job at incorporating Latin American cultures and it’s really great to see it unfold. She’s a great representation and someone that little girls can see and feel like they can be a princess too. I’m Hispanic and it wasn’t until I finally saw the show and saw how happy it makes me to finally see my culture represented and how much I needed it.

    She has to earn her title

    I love this trend Disney is starting to have, we saw it in The Princess and the Frog, so I’m glad they kept it on for Elena. Although she was supposed to be crowned queen, she actually steps back and prefers to learn and work hard to achieve her goal. Not only that but she embraces her people and asks for help and that’s awesome because I think asking for help is not a bad thing and people should see that it’s okay. She’s such a role model and I seriously get so happy when I see little girls dressed up like her at Disneyland.

    She’s already making a statement

    Did you know she was only supposed to be on Disney Junior but quickly gained steam so they put the show on Disney Channel also? Her show is already renewed for a new season and the current one hasn’t ended yet. Her story isn’t about finding a romantic interest. She’s showing that princesses are not just a pretty thing but she’s tough and strong. I never noticed how important it was until I finally saw Elena of Avalor and the effect she’s having at the parks. I’m definitely so proud!


    Have you seen Elena of Avalor? What do you think of her?

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    How to Decorate with Stickers

    I was provided stickers from Sticker App, but all opinions are my own.

    So I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never be Pinterest-y. I’m not going to have the all crisp white office with peonies at my desk. I just don’t have the eye for that. But I do love making everything feel like my own, I mean, who doesn’t? So how do I make things feel like my own? Stickers! I’m the kind of weirdo that gets excited when I buy new shoes and it comes with a sticker because I’ll stick them everywhere! I got some stickers from Sticker App from their premade collection and I made my own so now I’m going to town with them.

    Stickers are a simple way to add something unique to things, so let me show you how I’m using them!

    Laptop/Phone Case

    Have you seen the super cool Tumblr pictures of people with laptops covered in stickers? Well I have. I started it out and there’s a whole mess of stickers I got at Disneyland, so with my new stickers I got to add more and make it fun. I always have my laptop and phone with me so it also helps to tell it apart when I’m about and about. 


    Obviously, don’t stick it directly on your wall. But if you have a cute board (I have a cork one with pictures) it’s really fun to add some accents to it. If you make your own stickers, you can add things like words. Basically a huge scrapbook!


    I actually just started using my planner again so I needed something to keep me interested in it. Fun markers and pens can only go so far, so what’s next? Yeah, stickers! If you make your own, you can customize them to special events you know you will have or fun designs to dress them up.


    Who needs boring ol’ tape when there’s stickers? Plus, they also make great gifts if you customize them for the person receiving them!


    Want some stickers? Use “ADRIANA20” over at Sticker App and get 20% off! Your turn! How do you like to decorate?

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