Gift Guide for the Commuter + Traveler + Giveaway

I received a phone case from CaseApp, but are opinions are my own.

As someone who spends far too much time on the road, what I pack determines how my ride will be. If I forget my iPad, I know I’m in for a boring ride. Sometimes I forget little things like my portable charger. For people always on the go, what you carry with you can help you out in many ways.

Bookstore Gift Card

I get most of my reading done on the road and I know others do to. A bookstore gift card is perfect because they can pick and choose what they want to read and how. Some still like print, while others go towards an eBook. I’ve seen a whole lot of people switch to audiobooks. No matter how much you want to pass on your favorite book, a gift card is a safer way to make sure they get something they’ll enjoy.

Good Headphones

I’ve been on trains, planes, cars, and there’s nothing more annoying than hearing other conversations, traffic, and other noises that can be tuned out. Yes, the iPhone headphones that come with the phone do a decent job, but there’s a million amazing (and affordable) headphones. From noise cancelling to even ones with fun designs, these would make a great gift for someone who just wants to take a break in public.


The only thing about traveling that I enjoy is that you’re forced to deal with your thoughts. Journals are perfect for those who just need to spill their thoughts on paper. Or just doodle or make lists. Not to mention, there’s cute journals and even leather-bounded ones for a more clean look. Journals can be versatile and make a great gift.

Emergency Kit

If you’re a DIYer, this will be a fun gift to put together. An emergency kit can mean anything. For a first aid kit to a snacks. Commuting can be unexpected. You can be in a middle of a long road trip and want water or you randomly get a cut. A kit can contain anything that you think is essential for a traveler. Like who thinks of bringing a pack of gum with them? It can be important to have it. Make a kit that will be helpful.

Phone Case

I’m a paranoid person, especially when it comes to my phone. What if someone steals it? What if I drop it and it shatters? Having a case on your phone is even more important when you’re out and about. I had a case from CaseApp and absolutely loved it and I finally got one for my new iPhone. They’re strong and lightweight. Trust me, I’m clumsy and this keeps my phone safe!

You can use “ADRIANAXMAS20” and get 20% off your own case. You also have the chance to get your own custom phone case from CaseApp. All you have to do is enter below!

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What do you think are perfect gifts for commuters and travelers?

Thoughts on Gilmore Girls

Well it’s been about a week that A Year in the Life hit Netflix and the Gilmore Girls high is still strong. My hurt still flutters when I see a new Gilmore Girls tweet or article. It’s weird that I no longer have anything to look forward to, so I’m hoping they do this yearly at least. So now that the dust is settled, I wanted to spill my feelings. Here are some thoughts, with little spoilers, I promise.


Oh man, I have way too many thoughts on Rory. I will say that her struggles to find a job hit close to home. She’s a journalist like me so I get the struggles of trying to find a job. It’s hard, really hard. But seriously, some of her other choices are so questionable. Rory lost me once she went to college and I feel like she’s a brat. I’m sorry, I said it. 

Where’s the Progress

Let’s be honest, these episodes where mostly for nostalgic fans to catch up with our favorite mother-daughter duo. However, I feel like it picked up right where it left off. Yes, years and things changed, but I felt like the characters were the exact same despite the fact that it’s been almost 10 years. Jess probably had the most character growth, in my opinion.

The Real Stars

Gilmore Girls obviously follows Lorelai and Rory but in A Year in the Life, Emily and Paris were probably the best parts. Emily was absolutely amazing. She had the toughest job because she had to cope losing Richard and she tugged your heartstrings. It was great to see how she stepped out on her own. Paris was killing it. She’s still hilarious and made things interesting. I would love to see a spin-off just on Paris.


I don’t want to spoil it because it’s still pretty new but I enjoyed it. I may also be in a minority but I loved how it ended. I didn’t feel blindsided by the final four words. The whole four episodes, especially Winter, felt kind of slow and it took me a while to get into them. It wasn’t perfect, but it was still entertaining. But it did leave it open for something else in the future, so hopefully that will bring more closure because I don’t think 4 episodes did the characters justice.


 Did you watch A Year in the Life? Were you impressed? Do you hope there’s more? If you’ve never watched it, why not? Let’s talk Gilmore Girls.

At the Moment | 11

The last year is quickly ending and I’m actually not ready. It’s weird. I was looking forward to it but now I’m all to aware of the end. So before this year ends, here’s what went on in November.

Gilmore Girls

I watched A Year in the Life and I have a lot of mixed feelings. I enjoyed it but I didn’t think it was everything I thought it would be. I may give it another go just to fully get it but we’ll see. May or may not be writing a full post on this.

Grey’s Anatomy

Okay, I started Grey’s and I regret it so much. I’m addicted, but oh my gosh, why does so many crazy things happen? I feel like I can’t catch a break and I am emotionally distraght. I made it to season 9 so there’s no backing down now.


Yes, so much yes. I LOVED Moana. It’s one of my favorite Disney films now and the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. It was visually beautiful and it caught my attention. It was perfect. I knew I would enjoy it but it completely exceeded my expectations. 

What was new with you this month?

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Be Thankful

It’s always good to stop and be thankful for what you have. It’s great that we have a holiday to remind us to stop and acknowledge what we have. We should always count our blessings because there’s always something to be thankful, even when things get tough. Here’s some things I’m extremely thankful for because I never want to forget that they’re blessings.

Another day of life: It’s insane how many don’t get to live another day. There’s others who wake up sick. I may not have the ideal life, but I’m thankful that I can wake up and be able to walk and eat. It’s something so simple we take for granted.

Experiences: This year I got to go to Disney World and see many of my favorite bands live. I usually put up excuses like time issues but I decided to just go for it. Some of these memories are the best I’ve ever had and I’m thankful for them.

Music: I love music. There’s so much good music out there. Bless all the talented people that put amazing songs out.

Words: I always knew I loved writing but I’m so grateful that I can use words to communicate. This blog has always been an amazing outlet. But also now that I’m studying for the GRE, I’m learning so many new words and they’re all so beautiful. Words are amazing.


What are some things you are thankful for?

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Words: The Wedding Shop | Review

I received this book from BookLook for reviewing. All opinions are my own.

I may not look like it, but I’m a sucker for a good love story. I love stories that build up to a sweet moment. Just with the name, I knew I wanted to read The Wedding Shop. I mean, weddings are the ultimate indications of love. I was really in the mood for something sappy. Maybe it’s the leaves changing that makes me wish of happy things.

The Wedding Shop is based on Cora and Haley. Cora lives in the early 1930s and Haley is in the present. Cora owned the wedding shop in Heart’s Bend, Tennessee, where in present time, Haley grew up in. Haley was fascinated with the old wedding shop that had been closed down.

Cora was unmarried and lived with the pressures of it, while Haley made unwise choices in her past and was returning to Heart’s Bend to heal. Haley regains her desire to reopen the wedding shop, despite all the oposition. Cora is madly in love with someone who doesn’t seem so trustworthy. Eventually through the tough circumstances, both women realize what they really need. Although they live in different eras, their stories connect them.

What I loved about the book is that you’re living through their growing pains. You will feel frustrated and want to tell them what to do, but that makes a good story. The book chapters go from Cora’s perspective to Haley’s, however, they do have some characters narrating their own so you must be paying attention. It was an enjoyable read. I felt like Cora’s story was wrapped up nicely, while Haley’s felt a bit rushed at the end.

Overall, it was a cute book. A quick read especially with the down time you may have during the holidays!


What books have you read lately?

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